145 Simple Things To Be Happy About: Being Grateful For The Little Things

In a world of endless possibilities, it often feels impossible to find true happiness if you don’t have it all. I’ll often hear my grandkids talking about how they will “literally die” if they don’t get the latest cell phone or video game. I’m not one to openly compare their childhood’s to my own, but it does make me wonder – what is there to be happy about?

Truth is, we don’t need a huge house and a lot of money to be happy. Even the richest, most successful people will have their own hidden battles. Sure, money can be a huge root of happiness, but it won’t solve everything. 

In my opinion, humans need to strip back everything we have and take it right back to basics. We need to recalibrate and enjoy the little things in life – from our lungs to the gentle wings of a butterfly. 

It’s time to be grateful about the little things, so here are my 145 simple things to be happy about!

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155 Simple Things To Be Happy About Being Grateful For The Little Things

Simple things to be happy about

  1. Cool breeze on a warm day
  2. The smell of a roast dinner
  3. The smell of cookies in the oven, for that matter
  4. A “good hair” day
  5. A smile from a stranger
  6. Returning a smile from a stranger
  7. Fresh, crisp bed sheets
  8. A dishwasher and basin with no dirty dishes
  9. Birds singing in the morning
  10. Birds gathering around the bird feeder
  11. Squirrels gathering around the bird feeder to pick up the food the birds dropped
  12. The shape of clouds
  13. The different shapes of the moon
  14. A hot shower
  15. Or a bubble bath
  16. The smell of freshly mown grass
  17. The satisfying “pop” of bubble wrap
  18. New makeup
  19. Cleaning off said makeup
  20. A clean house
  21. One of those “I can’t put it down” books
  22. Uncontrollable laughter
  23. The feeling of cool grass on your feet
  24. The feeling of soft sand between your toes
  25. A bunch of flowers
  26. The smell of coffee
  27. The sweet dog that lives across the street
  28. Seeing a newborn baby in a cafe
  29. Going to a friend’s house for dinner
  30. Seeing your family
  31. Hearing the gentle “pitter patter” of rain against a window
  32. The gentle rumble of distant thunder
  33. Having the exact amount of change in your wallet
  34. A soft blanket
  35. Homemade and healthy food
  36. Alternatively, a huge and cheesy pizza
  37. A comforting film
  38. Watching someone’s face light up as they tell a story
  39. Chocolate. In any form. 
  40. Every sunset
  41. Every sunrise
  42. The sound of the sea against the shore
  43. A crisp glass of white wine
  44. The satisfying noise of opening a soda can
  45. Finding money in the pocket of a jacket
  46. Finding the right shade of foundation
  47. The purr of a cat
  48. The feeling of the cat’s soft fur
  49. Pressure washing the deck
  50. Starting a new diary at the beginning of the year
  51. A good hug
  52. The smell of an old or new book
  53. The smell of fresh lavender 
  54. Playing a great board game with loved ones
  55. Having a good stretch after waking up

Simple things I love about spring

Ah…spring. Aren’t the changeable seasons wonderful? There’s so much to be grateful for in springtime, even with the temperamental weather!

Simple things I love about spring
  1. The morning frost
  2. The pure smell of spring
  3. The sense of a fresh beginning
  4. A spring clean
  5. April showers
  6. The flowers in the garden beginning to bloom
  7. The sight of newborn lambs in fields
  8. Chocolate at Easter
  9. If you celebrate it, Easter itself
  10. Watching the grandkids run around the garden on their Easter egg hunt
  11. A cool yet bright spring day
  12. Hearing the buzz of happy bumblebees as their favorite flowers open up

Simple things I love about summer

I mean, who doesn’t love summer? Sure, you’ve got the sunburn and the constant biting of bugs, but there’s so much more to be happy about than frustrated about. 

Simple things I love about summer
  1. Getting an ice cream from an ice cream van
  2. The smell of sunscreen
  3. The warmth – obviously 
  4. Visiting the beach or the lake
  5. Sunbathing
  6. Reading a book in the sun
  7. Gardening
  8. Swimming in a lake, the sea, or a pool
  9. Watching freckles appear on my skin
  10. Wearing floral clothing
  11. Wearing colorful bathing suits
  12. Inviting friends over for drinks in the evening
  13. An afternoon nap where your skin is still warm enough you don’t have to wear a blanket
  14. A good ol’ barbecue
  15. Going on vacation
  16. Making and eating a fresh salad
  17. Watching the kids play in the garden
  18. Driving in a car with the roof down
  19. Picnics in a meadow
  20. Sitting by a cooling fan when it gets too hot
  21. Noticing a better mood (thank you serotonin!)
  22. Longer daylight hours

Simple things I love about fall

Fall is my personal favorite season out of the whole year, and I think a lot of you will agree with me. Sure, the weather is getting worse as the months go by, but fall is exceptionally wonderful. 

Simple things I love about fall
  1. Stepping on a satisfyingly crispy leaf
  2. Watching the seasons change in the color of the orange trees
  3. Darker evenings and mornings
  4. Sitting by a crackling fire
  5. Going on vacation to a lake house or cabin
  6. Watching your favorite films
  7. Getting candy ready for trick or treaters at Halloween
  8. Preparing your grandkid’s costumes for Halloween
  9. Everything about pumpkins – especially carving! (You’re never too old)
  10. Warm coffee and hot chocolate
  11. The smell of cinnamon
  12. Curling up on the couch under a warm blanket
  13. Apple cider – even better, hot apple cider
  14. Bonfires and toffee apples
  15. Fireworks
  16. The flickering of candles
  17. The overall feeling of coziness

Simple things I love about winter

Winter is far more than receiving gifts at Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Simple things I love about winter
  1. Even darker mornings and evenings means going to bed earlier and staying in longer!
  2. The first fall of snow
  3. The first footstep into a bed of fresh snow
  4. Rolling the perfect snowball 
  5. Wrapping up in sweaters, scarves, hats, and gloves
  6. Hot cocoa with those little marshmallows
  7. The satisfaction of knowing that you don’t have to go into work because of the snow
  8. Watching Christmas movies!
  9. Making small and meaningful gifts for your family and friends
  10. Making a big batch of warming soup with croutons
  11. Preparing and eating all the delicious roast dinners
  12. Decorating the Christmas tree
  13. Looking at twinkling lights
  14. Looking at twinkling lights without your glasses on (it’s truly magical!)
  15. Seeing your breath in the cold air
  16. The satisfaction of warming yourself up indoors
  17. The chance to start afresh with a new year
  18. Hosting festive parties
  19. Pajama days
  20. The natural rosy blushed cheeks
  21. Frozen lakes
  22. No humidity means no frizzy hair
  23. Hearing your youngest grandchild laugh for the first time

Simple things I love about family

Being a mother and a grandmother, not a day goes by where I’m not grateful for my family. I love the huge moments, like finding out I was going to be a grandmother and when my eldest daughter got her dream job, but the little moments are equally enjoyable. 

Simple things I love about family
  1. And hearing them say their first words
  2. Being told your child or grandchild loves you
  3. When someone helps you tidy up in the kitchen
  4. The smell of a clean baby
  5. Buying and making things for your grandkids
  6. Teaching your grandkids how to read
  7. Watching your children grow into wonderful people
  8. Hearing the grandkids laugh
  9. Watching the grandkids in their school plays
  10. Allowing the grandkids to lick the bowl after you’ve made a cake mixture
  11. Preparing the snack cupboard in anticipation for when the grandkids come over
  12. Knowing you are making lifelong memories for your grandkids to remember you by
  13. Sharing the joy of being a grandparent with your friends
  14. Treating your friends as your family
  15. Having a loving, balanced, and respectful relationship with your partner
  16. Getting to love your family and friends

What makes you happy?

As you can tell by this enormous list of the simple things in life that make me happy, I want you to consider what gives you true joy. Sure, you’re allowed to be ecstatic about getting a degree or a pay rise or a new car or a new pair of shoes – but what makes you truly happy?

We have to step back in life sometimes to appreciate the small things. We must be grateful for the air that fills our lungs, the very air that keeps us alive enough to experience such wonders of the world. It can be as small as making a great cup of tea, to something as big as going to the Grand Canyon. 

Mindfulness is something that I try to practice every day. It comes with a lot of time and patience, believe me, so don’t expect to become a master immediately!

Sometimes, when life seems to be going a bit too fast for you, you just have to take several steps back to be grateful for the things that make your life so wonderful. 

We are all so, so lucky. It’s time we give some appreciation to the little things in life that make us happy!