15 Super Fun Grandmother Shower Games

We’re all familiar with baby showers. Mothers to be are showered with gifts in preparation for her newborn who’s just around the corner, and all her closest friends and family get together to celebrate the soon-arrival of their little baby. 

However, did you know that grandmother showers were a thing? These take on the same format as baby showers for soon-to-be mothers, but instead, the guest of honor is the soon-to-be grandmother.

15 Super Fun Grandmother Shower Games

In this shower, the grandmother is showered with gifts for her and her new grandchild, and all kinds of fun are had. 

A big part of these showers is games. There are all kinds of fun games that are played in baby showers, but this article is going to provide you with some fun games you can play at a grandmother’s shower! 

Pin The Pacifier On The Baby

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This game is bound to have everyone in a state of giggles. The aim of the game is to pin the pacifier on the baby while blindfolded. 

The game pack comes with a picture of the baby, a blindfold, and several pacifiers, so everyone can have a go! 

You can even get as creative as you like when it comes to the prize for the winner. One great thing about grandmother showers is that alcohol isn’t off-limits! Perhaps they can win some champagne or a bottle of wine!

Baby Predictions

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A wonderful grandmother shower activity is this baby predictions game. This serves as more of a fun activity and keepsake, rather than a game, but it is still very fun!

Each player will have a card they need to fill out with their baby predictions, such as their eye color, weight, and who they are most likely to look like between mom and dad! 

The grandmother guest of honor can have a very good time reading these predictions, as some of them are bound to be very funny! You could even announce the winner as the person who was closest to their predictions once the baby is born! 

Mommy Or Daddy Guess Who Game

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As grandmother-to-be, you are already very close to the parents-to-be, so playing this game will be very entertaining. Each card has a list of questions, such as “Who will change more diapers?” and each player must tick either mom or dad.

You, of course, will know the answers (mother’s intuition!), and each tick that is correct is one point. The player who gets the most points wins! 

Did Baby Poopie?

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This game is simple and fun and will have all attendees laughing their heads off. 

Each player is given a card, and they need to scratch the silver circle. Those who find themselves staring at the poop emoji are winners, but they’ll need to yell “I got the poop!”. 

This is the perfect game for a grandmother shower and acts as a great icebreaker if some attendees don’t know each other too well. 

Don’t Say, Baby

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Don’t say baby is a great game that can be played throughout the entire grandmother shower. When you are ready to begin, everyone is informed that they are not allowed to say the word “baby” and they are each given a pin. 

If someone does say the word “baby”, the person who catches them out keeps their pin. This goes on throughout the entire shower, and at the end, the person who has collected the most pins wins! 

Baby Bingo

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This is a perfect game for young children, but also serves as a fun one for your grandmother shower! 

Each player is given a card, and instead of numbers, there are baby items on the card. The call-out cards will have different baby items on them, and if the items that are called out are the same as the items on the cards, then players will cross them out. 

The same rules apply to regular bingo, if you are able to cross out an entire line, then you yell “Bingo!” 

Who Is The Baby’s Daddy?

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A funny and entertaining party game is this “Who is the baby’s daddy?” scratch-card game. Adorable illustrations of cute, rich, well-known men, such as Brad Pitt and Keanu Reeves holding a baby are passed out as scratch cards. 

Players will have to scratch the faces of these celebrities and see if they hold the winning card that says ‘winner’ or the baby daddy’s name. This set comes with 36 cards, 1 list of all the celebrities, and 3 blank cards, so you are able to create your own rules! 

This is a great icebreaker game, and your guests have the option of taking some of the cards home that hold the faces of their favorite celebrity men! 

Beer-Belly Or Baby Bump?

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This is another very entertaining game you can play at your grandmother shower. Each player is given out a card, and on that card is a series of photos of either a beer belly or a pregnant belly. 

The participants need to select which belly they think is being displayed, while the host has the correct answers. Once everyone is finished, the host will reveal the answers. The player with the most correct answers wins the game! 

Emoji Pictionary

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This is a fun game that utilizes your brain a little more! Each player is given a paper with a list of emojis in one line. Each line is a children’s book, told in emojis. 

Players then need to guess what children’s book the emojis represent. The host will also have a card will the correct answers on it. The player who has the most correct answers at the end wins! 

Who Has My Milk?

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This is another scratch card game that is fun and entertaining. 

Each player is given a card with a baby and a little bubble with an item inside. The players are to scratch the item inside the bubble, and in order to win, they must find themselves looking at the baby’s milk. 

Once everyone has scratched their cards, the host asks “Whose got my milk?”, and those with the milk need to yell in return “I have your milk!”. 

Again, you can get creative with this game, and include all kinds of different prizes. 

Dirty Diaper Game

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This is another ‘poop’ related game, that will have all your party guests in stitches of laughter. Adorable litter diaper pins are handed out, and each player must pin them to their shirts. 

When everyone is ready, they are to open up the diapers. The ones that have ‘poop’ inside, win! 

Guess Who? 

This is another great ice-breaker game that your guests will love. What you’ll need is a baby photo of each guest and a blank list for each player. 

Each baby photo is then shown to the group with a number attached to it. The players then need to guess which guest is which baby. The player who gets the most correct at the end wins! 

Bobbing For Pacifiers

A very funny and entertaining game that will have everyone laughing their heads off, is this bobbing for pacifiers game. 

Each player has one bowl filled with water, and 3 to 5 pacifiers are placed on the water. Players must keep their hands behind their back, and grab the pacifiers with their mouths. 

Whoever manages to get hold of all their pacifiers first wins the game. 

What Am I? 

This is a great game to get people mingling in a funny way. As your guests arrive, pin a piece of paper to their back with an item relating to babies, for example, “pacifier” or “dirty diaper”. 

As they arrive, they must figure out who they are by asking the other guests “yes” or “no” questions. 

Once they’ve found out who they are, they can discard their piece of paper. This is a great way to have your guests get to know each other in a fun way. 


Don’t Drop The Baby (Egg Race) 

This game is in two, hilarious parts. First, you’ll need to decorate your eggs as babies. You can be as creative as you like, and make them look realistic, or ridiculous! 

Then, the next part of the game is a race. You’ll have to arrange yourself into 2 teams, and each team has two participants racing against each other. 

They can either hold the egg in a spoon with their hand and try not to drop it, or they can take it up a notch and hold it in their teeth. 

This game is perfect for any outdoor baby/grandmother showers, but can also be played indoors as long as there’s space to allow for spills – there are bound to be a few cracked eggs!

If you’re aware that some of your guests don’t know each other well, then this is another great ice-breaker activity. 

Final Thoughts 

Baby showers for soon-to-be mothers have always, and will always be, popular. 

However, grandmother showers are rising in popularity, and grandmothers-to-be are being showered with gifts and attention ahead of meeting their new grandchild. 

The notion of grandmother showers is a lovely one, as grandparents are always highly involved in looking after their grandkids, so these showers are a way of appreciating them, and helping them celebrate the gift that is about to be theirs. 

There are an array of fun games you can play at a grandmother shower, from baby bingo, to don’t drop the baby egg race, and they all serve as wonderful icebreakers for those guests who don’t know each other well. 

We hope this article has given you some ideas on fun grandmother shower games!