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This is me and my granddog Gabbi

When it comes to makeup, beauty, and fashion, there is so much to take into consideration. What is popular changes often, and it can be tough to keep up with the latest fashion trends or makeup routines. If you are a woman that is slightly more mature, it can be tough to know what products are the best option for your skin. From covering dark circles, to creating a makeup look that is wrinkle-free, there are products suitable for people of all ages.

Hi, my name is Joan Medori. I have 2 children, Robert and Jackie and an AMAZING grandson, Austin. No, really, I’m not being partial he’s awesome! I have always loved makeup, fashion, and beauty, but I found as I grew older, there is too much information online for those of us who are more mature. I didn’t know what to believe. Were they telling me to buy a $60 jar of cream because it was good, or were they just trying to make money? Soooo, I decided to become a guinea pig and report my findings.

While it’s fun and worthwhile to spend some time on your looks at every age there’s so much more to life. As each year passes it becomes clear that mindset, how you look at the world is hugely important. I’ve always tried to be grateful and look at glass half-full. It’s helped me through some really tough times.

But that’s not enough. The brain is a powerful organ that you can train to improve every aspect of your life. Most of us engage in negative self-talk without even thinking about it. It’s harmful. Building a growth mindset can improve your finances, relationships and even your appearance. So you’ll find plenty of this stuff on my site.

If you are rolling your eyes and saying, “here’s another woo-woo whacko” give me a chance. My emotional and physical health has improved as I’ve ventured on this journey of growth mindset. It doesn’t cost anything. It doesn’t take a lot of time. So humor me and give it a try! To wrap it up, through this site, I want to share things such as fashion and beauty tips, but also grandparenting and how to live your best life.