Activities For Grandchildren And Grandparents Despite Limited Mobility

Every grandparent’s greatest joy is spending time with their grandchildren. As grandparents, you know that each day is a gift, so each and every moment you spend with your grandchildren is precious. 

However, when you reach a certain age, mobility can sometimes get in the way. You may no longer be able to play catch, or hide and seek with them. You’re also likely to have trouble playing their favorite games on the floor with them.

Activities For Grandchildren And Grandparents Despite Limited Mobility

No worries! Despite these mobility issues, there are still an array of things you can do together with your grandchildren that won’t strain your body. 

This article is going to give you some fun activities that grandparents and grandchildren can do together, in spite of any mobility issues grandparents may have. 

Outdoor Activities 

Let’s start with a few outdoor activities you can do together. Utilizing the outdoors lets your grandchildren burn off some of that energy, and gives you the chance to get some fresh air. 

When reading these ideas, consider your own abilities and choose the activities that you are comfortable doing, in your situation. 

Blowing Bubbles 

Children love trying to catch bubbles, especially when they’re little! 

You could be the best bubble blower they’ve ever seen, and you haven’t got to move much at all! Just stand (or sit) in a certain spot, blow to your heart’s content, and watch as your grandchildren’s faces light up with excitement at trying to catch the bubbles. 


Depending on your mobility, you can take your grandchildren swimming. This can be in your backyard, or a local swimming pool. 

Be sure to stay where you can reach the bottom, and make sure your grandchildren have armbands (depending on their age). You can enjoy watching them splash around, or even show them a few tips when it comes to swimming. 

As well as being fun for them, this is a great way for you to get some exercise, and it is also a very therapeutic activity. 

Play Simon Says 

You can be ‘Simon’ in Simon says. You can do this while sitting on a park bench, or standing in a certain spot. 

Your grandchildren must obey your instructions, but only when you say, ‘Simon says.’ This is a very fun game that’ll have them in fits of laughter if you’re creative enough with your instructions. 

Places You Can Go

Places You Can Go

Now that we’ve given you a few ideas on outdoor activities that you can do in your yard or a local park, let’s go over some places you can go with your grandchildren. 

Fortunately, many places nowadays accommodate for those with limited mobility, so you can always call in advance of any plans, so they’re prepared for you. 

Go See A Play Or Movie 

This is a great opportunity to share interests with your grandchildren. Perhaps you can take them to see your favorite play, and they can return the favor by taking you to see their favorite movie. 

These activities involve sitting down and getting comfortable, so it is perfect if you have limited mobility. If you are a wheelchair user or use a walker, then call the venue in advance to let them know you are coming. 

They will be able to make arrangements for you and seat you in the best area possible. 


You can take your grandkids out for ice cream, or show them your favorite restaurant. Like the above, this activity involves a lot of sitting, so if you’re in a wheelchair or use a walker, call up beforehand to let them know your needs. 

If your mobility allows it, you can grab some ice cream and go for a nice walk on a sunny day!

Things You Can Do Indoors 

There are an array of things you can do indoors, even if you have limited mobility. These activities can be done from a sofa, on a kitchen table, or from a wheelchair!

Chats & Storytelling

No matter how limited your mobility is, that cannot stop you from bonding with your grandkids over chatting. 

You can tell them family stories, inform them of what you used to do for fun, and share memories of their parents when they were little! 

Your grandchildren will love hearing all kinds of funny stories, and this will bond you further. 

When my grandson, Austin was about 2 I started making up “Brave Austin” stories. They all started with, “Once upon a time there was a boy named Austin. He was soooo brave!”

Then I would spin a tale about how Austin saved a family member — including the dogs — from some calamity. Dad got stuck on the roof when his ladder fell. Mom fell in a hole one a walk. Harley (the dog) ran out the front door into the street.

And Austin always devised a solution (doesn’t matter how silly). I even printed some of them and made a book for bedtime reading. He LOVED the stories!

Play Board Games 

You can also enjoy getting competitive with each other by playing some board games. You can try monopoly, chess, or something more intense such as Jenga! 

This is a great pastime and actually helps them build skills they’ll need later on in life. 


If your mobility allows it, you can bake some of your favorite treats together! This will not only bond you, but it’ll leave your home smelling amazing. 

If your mobility only allows you to be sat down, you can give instructions to your little helper, while you get on with your mixing and sprinkling while sitting down. 

This is also a great way to get your grandkids familiar with using the kitchen. 

Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles have always, and will always be, a favorite for families. Choose one that has a gorgeous picture once finished, and you can leave it on the dining room table and spend a few weeks completing it together. 

This is a great way to bond with your other family members too, as no one can resist finding a few pieces and slotting them in, as they approach the dining room table. 

Once finished, it will serve as a lovely picture, and a lovely reminder of an activity you took part in with your favorite people. 

Watch A Movie Or TV Show

Watching movies or TV shows are the perfect activities for rainy days when you’re stuck indoors. You could compile a list of movies together and make it a point of watching them whenever you spend time together. 

Eventually, you can cross them all off, and you’ll be left with a little keepsake of movies you both loved. You could also choose a TV show to watch together, and make a pact to only watch it when you’re with each other. 

This can act like a special little routine for you both, and you can gossip and chat after each episode about what you think comes next! 

Drawing, Coloring, And Painting

All kids love to draw, color, and paint – basically anything that makes a mess!

If you have limited mobility, this is a lovely activity that you can take part in while sitting down.

You and your grandkids can choose some lovely pictures to draw together, and at the end you’ll have some lovely compositions that you can hang around your home, to serve as a reminder of the fun things you did together! 

Final Thoughts 

Spending quality time with your grandkids is very important, and limited mobility shouldn’t stop you from doing so. 

From blowing bubbles to getting through an entire movie marathon, there are a variety of different things you can do together that don’t involve strenuous activity or any activity at all. 

We hope this article has given you some inspiration on all the fun things you can do with your grandkids despite your limited mobility.