Best Blush For Older Women: Cream Or Powder?

Aging is a natural part of life. And as you get older, you might notice things you have never noticed before. Especially when wearing makeup, which can sometimes highlight these changes.

By the nature of time and gravity, signs of age become more noticeable. Whether this is through fine lines, wrinkles, loss of collagen, or dull-looking skin – it is an inevitable, albeit; unanticipated, part of aging. Sigh!

Blush can go along way to brightening a mature face. The decision to choose powder or cream blush is one that varies, depending on your skin type and even the season. Powder blush gets a thumbs up for ease of use, but can fade quickly. It’s best for normal or oily skin. Cream blush can take practice to get right, but is often better for dry skin and lasts longer.

Best Blush For Older Women: Cream or Powder?

However, that shouldn’t deter you from looking and feeling like the best possible version of yourself, no matter your age.

Although makeup isn’t needed to make you beautiful, it can give you that bit of confidence boost needed. Blush, in particular, has the ability to make your skin look fresh and youthful while adding a bit more color back to your face.

If you’ve noticed your blush is sitting in your fine lines, making creases, and looking a bit bright for your skin tone, you may feel like giving up with blush. Well, if so, you’re in luck because we have created a guide to finding the best blush for older women – is it cream or powder?

Powder Blush 

Powder Blush 

Powder blush has been a staple in many women’s makeup bags for generations.

It is a no-fuss product, all you have to do is grab a brush and swipe it onto the apples of your cheeks – instantly creating a brighter, more youthful look.

Although, this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have its drawbacks. Below you will find the advantages and disadvantages of blush powder. 


  • Great for oily/combination skin – The powder in blushes absorbs excess moisture in the skin, meaning you don’t have to worry about touching up your makeup throughout the day, giving you a matte and polished finish to your face.
  • Less pigmentation – Powder blush is great for controlling how much pigment you’re applying to your cheeks. Whether you want more or less blush, you can easily tap off excess or add more blush until you reach the finish that you desire. 
  • Stays on all-day – With powder blushes, you don’t have to worry about it smudging off throughout the day, and if needed, you can easily brush more powder on your cheeks – anywhere you go! 
  • Pore blurring  – Some powder blushes have a blurring effect, which can minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines on the skin.


  • Not great for dry skin – Powder blushes can cling and highlight dry patches on your skin, making dryness look more noticeable. Additionally, as powders absorb excess oils, they can also take away the glow and shine from the face, making your face look duller and dry out the skin.
  • Can crease – For ladies with fine lines and wrinkles, powder blush tends to settle and sit in these creases, making them look more distinct and drawing attention to them. 
  • Cling to fine hair – Everyone has tiny hairs on their face, which, most of the time, you can’t notice. However, powder tends to cling to these hairs and make them look more noticeable, especially in certain lighting. 

Best Powder Blushes 

Having looked at the advantages and disadvantages of powder blush, we have used these criteria to find the best blushes for older women. Here are our favorites: 

Cream Blush 

Cream Blush 

Cream blushes are a great alternative to powder blushes. Although cream blush may not be for everyone, it does produce a natural and clean finish to the skin – its makeup without looking like makeup.

That being said, it does have advantages and disadvantages that you can find below. 


  • Great for dry skin – Perfect for women with dry skin, as it won’t cling to any dry patches. Cream blushes add moisture to your skin while looking natural and adding color to your cheeks. 
  • Easy to apply – You don’t need to worry about finding a makeup brush with cream blushes – all you need are your fingers! Easily apply it with your fingertips along your cheekbones.
  • Natural – Cream blush can provide you with a more natural look as it seeps and blends seamlessly into your skin from the warmth of your fingertips, providing a soft blush – without looking like a clown.


  • Hard to blend – Depending on how much blush you add, it can sometimes be harder to blend into your skin as it is much more concentrated than powder blush. Likewise, cream blushes can dry down quite fast, so you don’t have long to work with them. Therefore, it’s better to start with a small amount and work it up to the coverage you desire. 
  • Not long-lasting – If you are wearing a cream blush for long periods of time, it could potentially wear off over time. This could result from accidentally wiping it, smudging it, or it will just wear off from natural oils. So you may need to reapply it throughout the day. 

Best Cream Blushes 

From looking at the advantages and disadvantages of cream blushes, we have used this information to find the best cream blushes for older women. These include:

So Which is Really Better for Mature Skin: Powder or Cream Blush?

Our faces are very unique and often difficult to work with. Some are dry, some are oily, and some are a combination of everything! Therefore, it’s beneficial to know your skin’s needs and requirements.

So when looking at which is better – cream or powder blush, it really depends on your personal skin type. Some people may find powder blush works better for their oily skin, while others will find cream blushes better to minimize the appearance of dry skin. Each blush has its advantages and disadvantages, so, when choosing a blush, it’s good to experiment and see what works best for you.


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