Best Hairstyles for Women Over 50 by Face Shape

As we get older, it’s important to know what looks good when it comes to our hair. Choosing the right hairstyle can be the difference between looking frumpy or fabulous!

As we age, it’s easy to look older than we really are, whether that’s not dressing for our shape, or applying make-up in an unflattering way. It’s unfair, but these little mistakes can make us look ten years older. 

But there’s no need to despair, because picking the right hairstyle can actually make you look a decade younger. Just because you’re a woman over 50 doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your hair.

The opposite is in fact true. We have more hairstyle options than we even realise, and choosing the right hairstyle for us has nothing to do with age, and all to do with the shape of our faces. 

Best Hairstyles for Women Over 50 by Face Shape

When determining what hairstyle you should go for, finding out what your face shape is is the best place to start. There are four main face shapes. These are round, oval, heart and square. 

Of course, there are more face shapes than these. We could go into rectangle, diamond, and triangle face shapes, but these are basically categories of the main four face shapes.

Some women also don’t fit into one particular category, and their face is a blend of different shapes. If that sounds like you, no need to panic!

You’re sure to find enough similarities in the four main face shapes below to find a style that suits you. 

How do I figure out my face shape?

If you don’t know your face shape, that is totally fine. Honestly, it’s hard to determine sometimes! Especially because information online contradicts itself and the different subcategories of face shapes can further complicate matters.

But figuring out your face shape couldn’t be more simple. All you need to do is stand in front of a mirror and study your face.

If your face is approximately as wide as it is long, your forehead and jawline are the same width, and you have a rounded jawline and chin then you have a round face.

If your forehead is slightly wider than your jawline, and your jawline is slightly rounded then you have an oval face.

If your cheeks blend into your jawline and your chin is pointed you have a heart-shaped face.

If your hairline is straight and your chin is square or flat you have a square face.

Now that you’ve found your face shape let’s find the right hairstyle for you below!

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Hairstyles for women over 50 with a round face

Queen Latifah and Katie Couric are both over 50, and both have round faces and both have super stylish hairstyles. Women with round faces usually dislike that their facial features tend to be close together, and so opt for hairstyles that elongate their face.

The right hairstyle can make your face look longer, as it draws the eye down. Long, layered looks and lobs (long bobs) take attention away from the roundness of the face, while short hairstyles like pixie cuts do the opposite.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though, as the right short hairstyle can balance out the face. If you do decide to go short, go for a longer pixie cut on the sides and keep it textured. Short hairstyles are meant to have weight, not volume.

Hairstyles for women over 50 with a round face

Side bangs, face-framing layers and slightly off-center partings are also flattering on round faces. Slightly off-center parts are great because they also draw the eye down and make the face appear longer. Meanwhile side bangs and face framing layers draw attention to the right features and give you a youthful look. 

Most importantly, avoid heavy bangs, chin-length haircuts, and round hairstyles. These will only make your face appear more round. 

The goal: Elongate face.

Go for: long layers, middle partings, side bangs, and fullness at the crown.

Avoid: Chin-length cuts, heavy bangs, and round hairstyles.

Hairstyles for women over 50 with oval faces

While every face shape is beautiful, the most desired face shape has long been the oval face. It’s easy to see why, as those with oval faces seem to pull off any hairstyle. Michelle Obama and Cindy Crawford are examples of women with oval faces who consistently sport super flattering hairstyles. 

There are three key things to remember when picking a hairstyle for an oval face. You shouldn’t hide your face, you should avoid flat and long hairstyles that will elongate your face in an unflattering way, and lastly, you should pick a hairstyle that highlights your favorite facial features.

Hairstyles for women over 50 with oval faces

To do this, avoid chunky or blunt bangs which hide your face too much, and make sure to have layers so your face doesn’t appear too long. 

Women with oval faces really can just pull off any hairstyle though, from short pixie cuts, to blunt bobs and long, flowing hair. 

The goal: Highlight face shape.

Go for: Layers and face framing styles.

Avoid: Flat hairstyles and chunky bangs. 

Hairstyles for women over 50 with heart-shaped faces

Halle Berry and Jennifer Lopez are probably two of the most recognizable celebrity women over 50 with heart-shaped faces. It’s easy to confuse round and oval faces, but the heart-shaped face is very distinct. Heart-shaped faces have protruding chins that tend to be the focal point of the entire face.

Women with heart-shaped faces should go for a hairstyle that makes the lower half of their face appear fuller. A hairstyle that takes attention away from the forehead and highlights the cheekbones are ideal.

Hairstyles for women over 50 with heart-shaped faces

Pixie cuts and layered chin-length bobs are very flattering on women with heart-shaped faces, but you should avoid hairstyles that slick your hair back or add too much volume. This will draw attention to your chin and won’t balance the rest of your face.

The goal: To make the lower half of your face appear fuller.

Go for: Middle partings for long hair and side partings for short hair, as well as bangs.

Avoid: Styles with lots of volume, or slicked back hair.

Hairstyles for women over 50 with square faces

Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore both have square faces and have hairstyles that soften the sharp angles of their faces. They both have long, flowy hair in common that makes them look super femnine. 

If you have a square face, long hairstyles and lobs will suit you best, as will soft, round layers. Women with square faces often add long side bangs and waves to their hair.

Hairstyles for women over 50 with square faces

However, if you have a square face you should avoid harsh hairstyles like blunt bangs and chin-length bobs or anything too short. These only enhance the sharp angles of the face instead of softening them. 

The goal: Soften sharp angles

Go for: Wispy, round layers.

Avoid: Blunt bangs, styles that are too straight or are chin-length or shorter.

Common hairstyles for women over 50

A lot of women over the age of 50 view this time of their lives as a second youth and a time when they can enjoy life to the fullest – how great is that!

With this new lease of life you may decide to opt for an entirely new hairstyle or stick with what is tried and tested that works for you. Iconic cuts like a pixie cut and a bob are timeless (or ageless) so go for it!

As we age, it’s understandable that we gravitate towards edgier haircuts that balance out our features growing ever softer, especially when you let your gray hair grow out.

If you regularly have bangs, there’s no need to hang them up as bangs do tend to make you look younger. The most flattering bangs tend to be wispy ones that reach your eyebrows, or soft side waves.

If you have fine hair, opt for a short-to-medium version of a bob, a fun pixie cut or another short hairstyle that adds some texture. Thick hair meanwhile looks amazing in layered medium and long styles – although there’s nothing stopping you from trying a pixie cut either!

Women over 50 also tend to start dyeing their hair more often to conceal gray hairs. Lighter tones are also easier to maintain, which is why blondish or caramel hues are so popular.

Blending gray hair with highlights and lowlights is also becoming popular, and auburn, burgundy, or dark chocolate shades also look gorgeous.


One of the best anti-aging methods is changing up your hair, and picking a hairstyle that suits you! I hope that understanding your face shape has given you a better idea of what hairstyle will suit you best, and has given you some inspiration.

You should always work with your natural hair texture, and go with a hairstyle that makes you feel confident and beautiful.