Hairstyles For Plus Size Women Over 50

When you’re over 50, it can sometimes be difficult to figure out what sort of hairstyle you should be aiming for, because whilst you want to retain some of your youthful brilliance, you also want to make sure that you’re growing older gracefully, and you certainly don’t want to appear like you’re trying too hard to act young again.

Hairstyles For Plus Size Women Over 50

This problem is only exacerbated slightly if you’re a plus-size woman, as some of the haircuts that would be typically recommended to you can often sometimes be extremely unflattering.

So it’s important that the haircut that you choose is one that helps to show off your beauty whilst helping to provide that slimming effect too!

Middle Partition And Waves

If you’re looking for something that is going to help make the years roll back, then you can’t go too far wrong with a middle partition, and don’t forget the waves!

This look is both simply feminine and elegant, which is something that a lot of women feel like they lose the older they get.

Another great aspect of this style is that you’re able to incorporate a lot of different accessories into your hair to really spruce up your style.

Additionally, the way the ringlets of your hair will fall on the sides of your face will also help to provide a slimmer look, which makes it an excellent choice if you’re plus-sized.

Just be sure that you have an adequate amount of products to hold your hair, as well as hot irons too.

Loose Waves

As you can see, waves are a great asset for someone looking to really switch up their style.

The loose ringlets of this style help to provide the perfect frame for your face, and the way it parts from the side will help to give you that more youthful look, and will help to slim your face too!

Similar to the previous style, you’ll need a hot iron as well as holding products to ensure that this style stays as you want it!

If you’re looking to add an accessory, then a headband is something that will really help you rock out this look!

Top Puff

This style can be an absolute head turner, and the puff adds a new dynamic that you just won’t get from other styles.

If you’re conscious about wrinkles or just general ageing around your face then this is a style that will certainly take the attention elsewhere, so you can feel more confident every time that you step out the door!

This style does take a lot to pull off, clips, puff holders, and bobby pins are all requirements for this look, as well as your usual holding products.

But it’s all worth it, this style is excellent for parties and will help you to look slimmer by making your look just a bit longer.

Shoulder Length With Front Bangs

This style is a timeless classic and is a great way of helping to slim down the appearance of your face!

The key to this style is the side partition, doing this to the hair and bangs will help to cover the forehead whilst framing the face.

This soft framing is incredibly easy to recreate at home alongside the use of some styling tools and of course some holding products.

This style is perfect if you’re suffering from thinning hair too.

Simple Bob

A bob with wavy hair and a softer partition is an excellent way to reinvigorate your style and bring some youth back to the way you look.

This look is simultaneously sassy and edgy, whilst also remaining completely professional, and wouldn’t look out of place at an office!

If you naturally have wavy hair then this is certainly a good style to consider, but you shouldn’t fret if you have straight hair and want to try this style, simply use rollers and you’ll be able to achieve this style easily!

This style is great for plus size women as most shorter styles are, and can make you look utterly gorgeous too.

Sleek And Straight

As most plus-size women will tell you, the key to a good hairstyle should help to define the face and compact it too, and will also help to thin your face down too.

Nothing embodies this more than the sleek and straight style.

A middle partition coupled alongside the slight puff that this look provides is classy yet simple, and is easily achievable by using hair straighteners!

Soft Ringlets And Long Hair

It goes without saying that not everyone can keep up with all the maintenance that comes with having long hair.

However, if you’re someone who is keen to keep your long locks, then this is a style worth trying, adding some soft ringlets to your hair can give you an elegant feminine look that will revitalize the way you see yourself.

If you’re going to try this style, just remember to ensure that you’re properly washing your hair and conditioning it too.

Another thing that’s great about this style, is that the bounce that this hairstyle gives you is great for plus-size women trying to bring out a more feminine look, and aids you in giving off a glamorous look.

Shoulder Length With Deep Ringlets

This style is a popular choice amongst many plus-size women over the age of 50, and for good reason.

Opting for this style means that your hair will have wonderful curls and volume throughout, and is, therefore, a perfect compliment to someone looking to really take the attention away from any ageing, all whilst giving a sassy vibe.

This style is easy to achieve and maintain, and can also be elevated through the use of accessories too, you just need some basic products to help keep it in check!

Front Fringe

Front bangs can work absolute magic on women over 50, especially if you’re particularly conscious about wrinkles on your forehead, taking years off of your face. Using rollers and twisting your hair is the key to creating a regal front fringe.

This look is another style that really helps to frame a face, especially for plus-size women, which in turn helps to reduce the chubbiness of your face.

Do take into consideration this style can be rather hard to achieve, but the effort you make certainly won’t be in vain, as you’ll be sure to steal the spotlight at any party or occasion with this style.

Bun And Side Fringe

This style is something that never goes out of fashion and is perfect if you want something that is slightly low effort.

But you can always elevate this look by using a multitude of accessories, studs, flowers, and pearls all go well with this hairstyle.

The key to this style is to just tease the hair in the front, which helps to provide just a hint of volume to your hair, and the best bit is that you don’t need any holding products either!

The side fringes are what really help to complete this style, as the way they’ll sit on your cheek will help to give you a youthful aura and a sleek look too.

Tousled Curls And Front Teasing

This style isn’t something you’ll see often and is great if you’re searching for something a bit different from the rest of the crowd.

This hairstyle comes in two parts, the front of your hair is teased slightly to increase the volume, whereas the rest of your hair is then left with tousled curls. This look is extremely elegant and gives off a modern yet timeless look.

Vintage Style

Sometimes to move forwards, you’ve got to look backward, and channelling some of the past into your new look is never a bad thing at all!

This look is all about including those vintage elements into your everyday look.

To pull this off, keep your hair straight, and then simply introduce some curls into the end with rollers, you will need the help of some holding products in order to ensure that the curls hold though.

With a side partition and some of the hair covering your forehead, this look remains both classy and beautiful and is extremely flattering for plus-size women.

Short Waves

Reserved for the more sophisticated occasions, this short haircut features swirls all around and helps to provide the hair with a sense of depth and volume.

This increase in volume is aided by teasing the front partition that adds some height.

This style is high maintenance however and will mean regular trips to the salon will be necessary in order to keep it in order.


There are many different styles you can choose from, and hopefully, this guide has given you some inspiration as to what sort of style you’ll go for if you’ve been struggling with the way your hair looks.