How To Congratulate A New Grandmother In A Thoughtful Way

Becoming a grandmother is a wonderful journey and experience, and it is one of the most significant milestones of family life. After all, becoming a grandmother means that the family line is growing, with yet another generation coming into the mix. 

If a friend of yours is becoming a grandmother for the very first time, or a family member of yours has just received the news about having grandchildren on the way, then you need to find the best possible way to say congratulations.

How to Congratulate a New Grandmother in a Thoughtful Way

It is a special moment, and highly significant, and in order to express the joy and share at the moment, you need to say congratulations in a way that expresses thoughtfulness on your behalf. 

It can be tricky to find an original way of saying congratulations, but there are plenty of ways to go about it, and I’ve collected quite a few different tips and pieces of advice throughout my years, so I can help you out with this. 

You need to think about the medium you will use, how you will say congratulations, and whether you will also be giving some sort of gift. Of course, it depends on how close to you this new grandmother is, so ultimately it’s up to you, and what feels right. 

Mediums through which to congratulate a new grandmother:

There are a few different mediums through which you can extend your congratulations to the new grandmother-to-be. Here are the main ones: 


If you’re close enough to the grandmother-to-be, then it is best that you express your congratulations in person. If the new grandmother tells you about the news herself, then you can congratulate her then and there, and as it will catch you by surprise, you will have to improvise a little. 

However, if you find out through a phone call, a message, or through other people, then it might be a good idea to organize you to pay her a visit or meeting up so that you can discuss the big news with her! You could also bring a card or a gift to give to her when you see her. 

Through a text message:

I find that a text message is usually the easiest way to extend your congratulations, especially as you can always pair it with an in-person visit, a card, or others on top.

A text message is also a good way to let her know you’re excited for her while allowing her to organize her time as she sees fit. You have to remember that she will have a lot of people reaching out to congratulate her, and therefore might prefer a message to a phone call or visit. 

Through a phone call:

If you’re close to the grandmother-to-be, then I would personally recommend giving her a phone call, as it is a lot more direct and it’s a little more personal than simply texting. However, it’s probably a good idea to make sure you phone at a convenient time! 

Through Facebook:

Nowadays it’s very common for people to announce things on Facebook, so if the grandmother-to-be posts about it then absolutely congratulate her through there (as well as maybe through other mediums if you are close enough). 

However, it’s super important that you don’t say anything on Facebook until the grandmother herself has posted about it, or the parents of the baby have made an announcement. After all, they might be keeping it quiet for the time being!

Sending a card:

Sending a card is one of the more traditional mediums and one that never goes out of style. Not only is a card a beautiful way of giving her a small keepsake of the moment, but you can also write a personalized message inside so that the congratulations are a bit more original. 

And remember, you can use more than one medium if you want, you’re not limited to using just one! Just do whatever feels right depending on your relationship with the new grandmother (see also ‘15 Super Fun Grandmother Shower Games‘). 

How to say congratulations to a new grandmother: 

Once you have chosen your medium, you need to think about how you’re going to say congratulations. A simple “congratulations” could do it, but it’s very plain and not very personalized. (Although, as always, it depends on how close you are to the new grandmother!) 

Here are some of the things that I would recommend including in your congratulations message, as I find them to be very thoughtful and specific to the situation:

A short and simple message

If you want a basic and easy congratulations, go for a short and sweet message. Express your good wishes for a happy and healthy baby and the best of luck in this new chapter of life. And you can end it with a flashy “congratulations on becoming a grandmother!” kind of sentence. 

Expressing encouragement

Becoming a grandmother for the first time can be very daunting, especially when there are lots of messages of congratulations and a lot of fuss, which can become a bit overwhelming. So a great message to include in your congratulations is one of encouragement. 

Let the new grandmother know that you think she’s going to be an amazing grandmother and that the baby will be lucky to have her. You can also make it a bit more light-hearted, by saying something such as “you’re still very young to be a grandmother, but you’re going to be an amazing one!” 

Expressing excitement

Expressing excitement is one of the best ways to congratulate a new grandmother. Let her know that you are thrilled for her and that a whirlwind of happiness and joy awaits her, that you can’t wait to witness. 

Providing some advice

As I said earlier, becoming a grandmother for the first time can be very daunting, so providing some advice can be a great way to reach out and let her know that you’re there for her in this joyous new chapter of her life. This works if you’re already a grandmother yourself, and it’s sort of like welcoming her into the club. 

You can tell her about how she will be able to enjoy little things that parents often miss out on due to having to take care of everything, or about how she can be the one to provide cuddles and sweets when the parents have to be strict. 

Highlighting the significance and importance

If you want to express the importance and significance of the news in your congratulations, then you can try to express how big of a step this is, and how it is the beginning of an entirely new chapter in her life. You can say something about how everything is about to change, but how she will treasure every single moment. 

Things you can give to a new grandmother

Apart from saying congratulations and expressing all of your well-wishes to the new grandmother, it might also be nice to give her a little something, especially if you are close to her, or you are going to see her in person! 

The challenge, of course, is picking a suitable gift that the new grandmother will appreciate! 

So, here are some of my top recommendations, based on what I have found to be the most thoughtful gifts for new grandmothers:

A “grandmother supply” gift

The best gifts are those that are actually going to be used, so why not give this new grandmother some supplies to make this new chapter of her life easier? Maybe some cute shawls or blankets, or some items that she will eventually have to buy for when she babysits. 

Baby items

Baby items are usually given to the parents, but as the baby will likely spend a lot of time with the grandmother, she will also need some bibs and clothes and toys, don’t you think?

Grandmother items

By grandmother items, I’m referring to things like a mug with “grandmother” written on it. Small things that will help the situation sink in, and help her assume that grandmother’s identity! 

A traditional gift 

I know a few grandmothers that have kickstarted their own traditional gifts, such as passing around a pin or item or giving each other a specific bouquet of flowers every time one of them becomes a grandmother. It’s a great way to create a community amongst friends, and it makes the event all the more special and significant! 

In conclusion

Becoming a grandmother, especially for the first time, is a life-changing moment that starts up a whole new chapter in life. It is significant, emotional, and full of joy. Taking your time to properly congratulate a new grandmother is very important, and showing her that she is in your thoughts will mean a great deal. 

So pick your medium, think about what you want to express, and maybe also pair it with a small gift that she will appreciate!