How To Make Your Eyes Pop With Color!

Have you noticed that when you wear a particular shirt, people compliment you on your beautiful eyes? At other times, when you wear a different color on your eyelids, your eyes don’t stand out as much? There’s a reason why!

Our eyes reflect who we are on the inside. No one wants to have lifeless peepers!

It’s important to know how to make your eyes look bright and vibrant, especially as we’re getting older. If you’d like to know how to make your eyes pop more, here are a few pointers you can follow.

To understand why certain colors make our eyes stand out more or less, we have to follow color theory. If you can remember the color wheel in art class, you’re halfway there!

How To Make Your Eyes Pop With Color!

If you look at the wheel, you see a lot of different colors as we move around it. Colors can seem drab when paired with shades directly next to each other. On the other hand, colors ‘pop’ when they are paired with one directly opposite it. We call these shades contrasting colors.

For example, look at the color blue on the wheel. The blue tones next to the original shade won’t make it stand out. However, the color opposite it is a contrasting shade, which is orange. When you pair orange with blue, both of these shades pop next to each other.

When you apply makeup or choose your next outfit, follow these color theory rules to make your eyes pop.

Eye Makeup 

Makeup is a great way to make your features stand out. However, it’s easy to get it wrong. Everyone remembers the blue eyeshadow trend in the 90s. While this looked good on darker eyes, those with blue irises didn’t look as striking.

Matching your eyeshadow to your eyes does nothing for them! Your gorgeous peepers will look drab and lifeless instead of bright and vivid.

If you want to know what colors will make your eyes pop, here are some tips for every eye color.

What makes blue eyes pop?

If you look at the color wheel, blue’s contrasting color is orange. Orange is a tricky color to pull off, as some may find it too bold. You’ll want to find other colors with a similar warm undertone.

Gold shimmers, rosy pigments, and rich browns will all look beautiful on you. You can use these shades to create a smokey eye or use one shade all over your eyelid. If you prefer liner, black can be too harsh, but a soft brown can look amazing.

What makes brown eyes pop?

If you have brown eyes, lucky you! Most colors will look amazing on you. The closest color to brown on the color wheel is orange, so if you really want to make your eyes stand out, go for bold shades of blue.

Royal blue, cobalt, and teal tones will make the rich pigments in your eyes pop. A great look on brown eyes is a bright blue liner and black mascara. If you’re not a fan of bright blue, try a navy eyeshadow or liquid liner. Dark navy shades can still make your eyes pop in an understated way.

What makes green eyes pop?

Depending on what shade of green your eyes are, you may find that different colors suit you better. On the color wheel, purple is opposite lighter green, and red is opposite darker green. If you have darker eyes, you don’t have to wear red eyeshadow!

Think rusty shades, like copper, chestnut browns, or burgundy. Lighter green eyes look great with purple. Try a sheer lavender shimmer on your lids for a fun, but delicate look.

What makes hazel eyes pop?

If you have hazel eyes, you have a lot of options that will look amazing. Hazel eyes range from light brown to mid-green. If you have more brown in your iris, look for shades in a blue to purple range. Eggplant, violet, and fuchsia pigments will all work well.

If your eyes are on the green side, look for red shades, like burgundy and maroon. If you’d prefer something subtle, a rosy copper shade on your lids will bring out the green in your iris, without being too intense.

If you’re not a huge fan of cosmetics, that’s fine! There are loads of ways to make your eyes pop without makeup. Clothing, jewelry and hair color can change your eyes from dull to dazzling. Here are some more tips on how to make your eyes pop.

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What to wear to make your eyes pop?

Changing your clothing can be a simple way to complement your eye color. If you want your eyes to pop, either wear similar colors in your outfit or, wear shades that contrast with your eye color.

Lighter eyes, like pale blue and green, will look beautiful if you wear a similar pale scarf. They will also look fantastic paired with darker shades, like black and navy, as they contrast well.

Brown eyes stand out when they are paired with rich shades. A burgundy or mahogany shirt will complement the richness in your eyes.

Dark brown irises also stand out when paired with an all-white outfit, like a dress or jumpsuit. Wear green to bring out green eyes, but as red contrasts, auburn and poppy tones can make your eyes shine as well.

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What hair color will make my eyes pop?

Changing your hair color can make your eyes look vivid and bright. By choosing a different hair dye, your eyes will pop all the time, without even getting out of bed! With hair, you’ll want to choose a shade that contrasts with your eye color.

Blond hair really brings out the beauty in dark brown eyes. Brown and black hair looks fabulous against light blue or green eyes. If you have deeper blue or green irises, try going red. Flaming auburn locks or strawberry blond highlights can make your eyes dazzle.

What jewelry will make my eyes pop?

Have you ever put on a pair of earrings and thought that you looked more lively? The right jewelry can enhance your features and make you feel beautiful.

Choose metals or colors that are similar to your eye color. Think aquamarine studs and turquoise beads for blue eyes. Green eyes look fantastic next to emerald jewels and jade pendants. Gold and bronze metallics will bring out the color of brown eyes.

Once you know the basics, making your eyes pop with color is quite simple! Eyeshadow, hair color and clothing can all make a difference to your eyes.

All you need is a color wheel. Remember to have fun creating different eye looks and outfits. People will be sure to comment on your gorgeous eyes!