How To Make Your Hands Look Younger: What To Do and What Not To Do

Aging is a natural course of life and should be something we all welcome with open arms, but for many of us it is a difficult time. Our body is changing, creating both an emotional and physical impact.

How To Make Hands Look Younger

Our minds deteriorate, our memories may get a little foggy, it becomes more difficult to move the joints and our skin turns loose and wrinkled.

The way our appearance changes as we grow older is one thing which a lot of people dread, however this is nothing to be ashamed of.

Aging is a natural part of being human and that means getting wrinkles, sagging skin and dark spots.

Although we can learn to embrace it, there are some people who feel refreshed and more like their old selves when using remedies to help with aging skin.

For many, it is the hands which cause the greatest issue as it is the one part of the body we cannot ignore. Luckily, there are many ways to keep your hands looking young and fresh.

Why Do Your Hands Look Old?

Our hands looking older is completely natural as we reach our later years and there are several ways to help reverse this, but before we look into remedies it is necessary to find out what it is that makes our hands look older.

As we grow in age, our hands naturally lose elasticity and fat and this leads to our skin sagging and wrinkles forming.

As well as this, what meaning older people also notice on their hands are dark ageing spots. What not many people know is that a person can develop aging spots at any age.

Too much exposure to UV light or the sun is one of the leading causes. If you are young but your hands look old, be sure to be aware of your own habits; be careful around the sun and avoid tanning beds.

How To Make Your Hands Look Younger

Seeing our hands aged and wrinkled is enough to make anyone miserable. Hands are a reminder of how old you truly are and there is no avoiding them.

Because of this, it is normal to want to find ways to keep your hands looking nice and young. To do so, it is necessary to take the correct steps as well as know what to avoid.


Moisturizing is very important for every type of skin but is even more important for those who are older.

It is important to make sure that the skin doesn’t dry out as this will give the impression of your skin being much older.

If you are wanting your skin to look younger, a good idea is to create a moisturizing routine for yourself. Use lotion on your hands regularly every day, especially after you wash your hands.



Another way of making your hands look younger is to exfoliate. By exfoliating, you will be removing dead skin from the hands, fingers and knuckles, allowing your hands to look clear and youthful.

To exfoliate, either use a loofah or a mixture of lemon, sugar and natural oils. Rub this gently on your hands on a regular basis and watch your skin transform.


Ensuring you have a suitable diet will also be beneficial for the look of your aging hands. Have a balanced diet consisting of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins.

Not only will eating well be good for health, but it will allow the skin to be youthful. Eating bad foods can have a negative effect on the body, so at an older age it is important to take more care.

Protecting Skin and Nails

As well as the skin itself, you also want your nails (see also ‘Getting Younger-Looking Nails – The Best Nail Oils On The Market‘) to look healthy. The best way to do this is to take extra care in preserving their age. If you are gardening, make sure to use cotton-lined gloves.

If you are washing the dishes, wear gloves for this too. You should also be aware of what soap you are using; a mild pH soap to wash your hands will be best suited.

Things to Avoid

Aside from looking at ways you can make your hands look younger, it is also worth pointing out things to avoid.

Whilst aging is a natural occurrence, this aging process can be a lot worse for people who cause damage in earlier life. If you want to ensure that your hands look younger in old age, it is necessary to avoid these things:


Smoking is not only bad for your health but can affect you physically too.

Those who have smoked for a long period of time will have the worst physical effects with yellow fingers, decaying teeth, uneven skin pigmentation, deeper face wrinkles, dry skin and much more.

It is best to avoid smoking, not only for the benefit of your health, but in order to keep a young appearance.


Botox is popular amongst people both young and old, but the irony of botox is that instead of supposedly making you appear younger, it is actually ruining your skin and making you look older.

Many older people choose botox because they don’t feel comfortable in their skin and want to look young again, but this treatment will not help. Restraining muscle movement will not help your hands to look younger.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the topic of aging, it can be uncomfortable. Not many people are ready to be considered old and have a hard time seeing their bodies change.

Our hands are something we can’t avoid seeing as we do everything with them, and that is why people look to get hand remedies.

Above, we have taken you through what you can do to keep your hands looking young. By following those steps and knowing what to avoid, you will soon feel comfortable and confident in your own skin once again.