How To Meet Men Over 50

As a woman in your 50s, certain aspects of your life will start to look a little different. You might dress or do your hair and nails differently to reflect your maturity, for example.

How to Meet Men Over 50

However, another part of life that may change is your dating life: specifically, how and where you meet men.

If you’re hoping to meet men over 50, you can’t go about it in the same way you did when you were 25.

Frequenting bars or clubs is not always the best way to meet a quality man in his 50s, and beyond that, it’s simply not the ideal setting for figuring out whether your personalities, interests, and views align.

This article is going to be a guide to the best ways to meet men aged 50 and over. Follow these tips and your dating experiences will dramatically improve!

How To Meet Men Over 50

Try A Singles Cruise

Singles cruises are specifically intended to help single people to meet other people with similar interests that are in similar life stages.

When you meet a man over 50 on a singles cruise, you already know you have one thing in common: you’re both interested in going on a cruise!

Cruises are also great environments to foster exciting dating connections. You’re doing something out of the ordinary and getting away from the stress of everyday life.

You get to enjoy good food and drink, catch beautiful views, and make lifelong memories and connections.

An alternative to a singles cruise is a singles resort. This is basically the same premise as a singles cruise, but if you don’t enjoy being on a ship, it’s probably a better option for you.

Eat Out At Restaurants

You might think of a restaurant as somewhere you go when you’ve already found a date, but restaurants are surprisingly effective spaces for meeting people, including men over 50.

There are so many ways you can strike up a conversation in a restaurant. If you’re intrigued by a man sitting next to or near you, try asking him a question!

This could be as simple as asking whether you can borrow a condiment bottle, or if you really want to strike up a conversation, ask what he’s ordering. You might find that you bond over your favorite foods.

If you’re not comfortable going out to eat by yourself, you can bring one of your girlfriends with you. Alternatively, take a seat at the bar and see what happens!

Take Your Dog To The Park

How to Meet Men Over 50

If you normally take your dog on walks around the block, on the beach, or in other natural spaces, try switching it up and taking your dog to the dog park!

Dog parks are perfect places to meet people who also share your love of dogs, and men over 50 are likely to be responsible and dedicated to their pets’ exercise needs.

Try striking up a conversation with a man at the dog park by asking about his dog (what their name is or what breed they are, for example).

If the conversation goes well, you can offer to walk together or meet up at the park on another day.

Attend A Wine Tasting Class

There’s nothing classier than a wine tasting event or class, so if you’re looking to meet sophisticated men over 50, this is the ideal place to do it!

Don’t worry if you’ve never been to a wine tasting before. Many wine tasting classes are beginner-friendly, and plenty of other people will be there for the first time, which is a bonding experience in itself.

While attending a wine tasting, you can ask the man you have your eye on what his favorite wine is or whether he’s attended any classes before. Just make sure you have a designated driver!

Look Around On Public Transportation

How many times have you taken the train or bus to or from work and kept your eyes down the entire time?

Whether you’re looking at your phone or a book, we all tend to look for distractions to get us through the mundanity of commuting.

However, next time you find yourself using public transportation, try looking around you! You’ll be surprised how many people you notice, and some of those may be men over 50 with whom you could develop a connection!

There are plenty of simple questions or comments you can use to start a conversation on public transportation without seeming too obvious. For example, you could ask for the time or what the next stop is.

Relax In A Coffee Shop

How to Meet Men Over 50

Coffee shops are relaxing environments where you can indulge in your favorite drink or snack, so use this positive environment to your advantage by looking for potential suitors!

There are so many ways to engage a man over 50 in a coffee shop, from joking about how long the line is to asking which coffee he recommends (or, alternatively, recommending your own preference).

You never know – if things go well, you could end up sitting and enjoying your coffees together and letting things progress from there.

Go To Outdoor Events

Outdoor events are perfect for having fun while socializing. If you’re looking for a mature man over 50, you’re more likely to find him at a food or music festival than at the club.

This option is an especially good idea if you’re a nature-lover because we’re assuming that you’d prefer to date someone who also likes the outdoors.

If that’s the case, definitely prioritize open-air spaces like these when it comes to finding a partner over 50.

Sporting events might also come under this category.

Of course, some sports events are held indoors, but if you can attend an outdoor sporting event, you’re likely to meet plenty of men over 50 who will appreciate an outdoorsy woman who’s interested in sports.

Buy Something From The Hardware Store

We’re not suggesting that you go to the hardware store when you don’t actually need anything just to check out men over 50, but next time you need to go to the hardware store, be on the lookout for potential partners.

If you walk into the hardware store and see a man you’re interested in, try asking him

Blues, Jazz, And Rock N’ Roll Bars

We mentioned earlier that bars and clubs aren’t the best way to meet men over 50, but there’s one exception: bars that have live music nights.

You’re likely to have the most success with men over 50 in bars that play blues, jazz, and rock n’ roll. You can go alone or with your girlfriends, get yourself your favorite drink, sit back, and enjoy the music.

If you see a man that you’re interested in, you have the perfect conversation-starter already: shared musical interests.

Music is something that many people are passionate about, so you can bank on sharing great conversations with men at these bars.

Frequent (Upscale) Casinos

How to Meet Men Over 50

Many men over 50 enjoy the occasional trip to the casino, so if this is the age range you’re aiming to meet and attract, try finding an upscale casino in your area.

If you’re not into gambling yourself, you can simply sit at the bar. If you see a man you like, go over and stand at the table with him.

Assuming you haven’t been to a casino before, you can always ask a man for some recommendations or tips. This way, you learn something new and make new connections at the same time.

Online Dating Sites

You might have clicked on this article hoping to avoid the usual dating site suggestions, but the reality is that while meeting on a dating site may not make for the most romantic meeting story, it’s a really effective way to meet people with similar interests.

The great thing about downloading a dating app or signing up for a dating site is that you can set your age preferences before matching with people.

This means you know from the beginning that everyone you interact with on the site or app is within your desired age range (in this case, over 50).

Another benefit of meeting men over 50 on a dating site is that you get to consider all the information on a person’s profile before you decide whether to interact with them. This makes it easier to find people with whom you are compatible.

Final Thoughts

Meeting men over 50 might sound daunting when you realize that you may have to change your dating strategy, but we hope that these 11 suggestions for meeting men aged 50 and over have given you some inspiration!

Remember, shared interests and genuine enjoyment are key in dating, so don’t attend events you really dislike in the hopes of meeting a man.

Choose an activity you actually enjoy and use that as a starting point for natural conversation. Good luck!