How To Shape Your Nails Over 50

Age is just a number, but maybe taste, for some women, evolves as the years go by.

How To Shape Your Nails Over 50

Being over 50 can mean you finally have more time to pamper yourself – as you should. Pampering ourselves can boost our self-confidence and lift our spirits. Taking care of your nails and their shape is a great way to do so.

Choosing the perfect nail shape is important. As we grow older, we go through many changes, both big and small.

One we notice is our skin getting naturally thinner, something that is immediately evident in our hands.

While you might have loved your short or long nails, you might realize that changing your nails’ shape as you grow older might make your hands look fresh and even make you look younger! Sounds amazing, right?

If you want to find out what the ideal nail shape is for when you are over 50, keep on reading below!

How Our Nail Shape Changes As We Age

As you become older, your fingernails may become less curved. Clubbing, a symptom of prolonged hypoxemia, is a drastic contour shift that happens to very curved nails.

If there’s any suspicion of such a case, your medical professional should look into it because it can happen with several cardiovascular, hormonal, or digestive issues.

Moreover, ingrown toenails can occur when pressure is caused by your tight sneakers, but it could also be a foot abnormality forcing a nail inward.

Ingrown nails can be extremely painful for older people and interfere with their ability to walk, despite being more frequent in younger individuals.

Even if you do not suffer from such conditions, your nail’s shape is still something you need to seriously consider changing.

Unless you already have the right shape (we’ll get into that in a bit), it’s probably not very wise to keep your nails very long or do acrylic manicures for a long time – we’ve covered that in our article “What’s The Best Type Of Manicure For Mature Hands.”

The Best Nail Shape For People Over The Age Of 50

How To Shape Your Nails Over 50


Natural nails will develop in any curve, be it flat, arched, or somewhat asymmetrical, as nature intended.

You simply can’t beat a circular, #nofilter nail shape. Natural nails look great on older women as grey hair does; it is what nature wants and what most probably looks best on you.

Of course, you can trim them down a bit, do a nice manicure with subtle colors – a bright orange or bright green is better left for the teenagers – or even drip-powder them.

This nail shape is perfect if you have grandkids or work with your hands since it leaves your nails short, helping you avoid scratching things and breaking half of your nails by the end of the week.



Oval nails have edges that are straight-filed, while their size is medium size and lengthy.

They end in a smooth crescent shape and to get them shaped perfectly, you don’t need to have long nails; a little bit of extra edge is more than enough for the manicurist to shape your nails into an oval.

Turning your natural nails into an oval can create the impression of having incredibly thin fingers.

This is ideal for women who want to keep the length of their nails but lack the confidence for showing off nails with sharp edges, like stilettos. And to be honest, that kind of shape is not very suitable for this age.

If you are wondering how long is long enough for your nails to be changed into an oval shape, typically, for an oval, your nail has to be longer than your finger.

So, if they are not, keep your natural nails until they are fully grown.


The almond shape, also known as our all-time favorite one, looks awesome on anyone. Maintaining a broad base and shaping the edges into a tapering point at the outer end creates the almond form.

Although it may have an oval-like appearance, the tip should be considerably smaller than the base. It strikes the perfect combo between the ladylike and boss lady, pointed but still beautifully curved.



Among the most realistic-looking shapes, the squoval is flat with gently curved edges, just like your cuticles. It’s fantastic if you’re keeping your nails bare and is also simple to maintain at home.

These softer squares work great with nails that are shorter or at the same length as your fingertips. Perfect for a simple, unpretentious woman.

Choosing The Right Color

Choosing the right varnish is based on and adapts to all the changes that occur as we grow older.

In the following list, we have selected some “safe” color choices that you have probably tried in the past.

We highly recommend that you keep them at the top of your list for a stylish and elegant manicure, perfect for any occasion.

  • Baby Pink: A great choice when you want something soft and pretty. It will not attract much attention, but it will give a chic mood to your appearances.
  • Glitter & Glam: Glitter and glam go hand in hand. And is there a better spot than your nails to show off a bit of spark? Go for a nude color that is a bit glittery; it will look both elegant and beautiful and feature just the right amount of glam.
  • Soft Pearl, Pearlescent: Here’s an option you might not have considered. This beautiful iridescent color is just right if you want to feel pampered but don’t want to immediately draw attention to your hands.

The Bottom Line

Age is just a number, but maybe taste, for some women, evolves as the years go by. Your nails are one of your trademarks and the way you choose to shape and color them says a lot about you.

Our recommendations are there to help you choose what would look best on you, but the most important thing is to listen to your heart and trust your instinct. What you want is what you need!