Magnetic Lashes For Women Over Fifty

A well-placed set of fake lashes may significantly alter your appearance. However, if you are not an expert in lash glue, things may rapidly spiral out of control.

You could apply many coats of mascara or schedule lash extensions to get the appropriate volume, or you could simply switch to magnetic lashes to achieve the same lift and fluff as regular lashes – without the hassle.

Magnetic Lashes For Women Over Fifty

In contrast to regular false lashes, magnetic lashes are applied without the use of adhesive.

Rather than that, you line your lid with a magnetic liner, which resembles liquid eyeliner in appearance and feel and attracts the magnets embedded in the band of each lash.

Magnetic liners may also be waterproof, windproof, and/or smudge-proof, depending on the manufacturer. They’ll always keep your falsies secure, and sometimes, they’ll resemble a highly colored eyeliner.

With so many alternatives available, it’s difficult to know where to begin. To keep things easy, we sorted through the clutter and discovered the finest magnetic lashes on the market right now. 

We examined the ease of application, the material, the length, and the style of each pair of lashes while preparing this list. 

Why Use Magnetic Eyelashes?

Why Use Magnetic Eyelashes?

Have you ever glanced down and seen a stray false lash strand? While this is feasible and may save time, magnetic eyelashes are here to stay.

Numerous individuals express concerns about their durability and quality. They believe the magnets will just fall out of their eyes, but quality, like with everything else, counts. Because the lashes are securely attached to any natural lashes, you can be certain that they will not fall out while you’re out and about.

They are reusable, which improves the environment while also saving money. Additionally, they guarantee that you retain all of any natural lashes.

Take them carefully out of their container and reintroduce them. Again, they have a purpose: to maintain your focus on the desired objective.

Magnetic eyelashes are available in a range of designs to fit your preferences, whether you want a natural, wispy appearance or a huge, bold, glammed-up look.

Buyer’s Guide

Are you unsure what to look for in your new pair of magnetic lashes? Let our buyers guide you there and guide you through the features you should consider today.

Style And Size

Magnetic eyelashes come in a variety of designs. They range in size from massive and opulent to delicate, natural, and wispy. Additionally, corner lashes create a stunning cat-eye effect.

Although magnetic lashes are available in a variety of styles, making them suitable for any occasion, there are a few factors to consider when choosing the right eyelash style for you.

You’ll want to consider why you’re acquiring them, as well as the possible applications. Magnetic lashes are often more costly than glue-on lashes.

As we get older, fatty tissue around the eyes may appear puffy, the eyelids may droop and create a hooded appearance, and our natural lashes may fall out.

Unless you want a more dramatic look, a natural lash style may be the best option.

Your eyelashes size and style will be chosen by your unique eye shape and personal preferences.

Magnetic lashes come in a variety of lengths, from short to medium to long, and in a variety of styles, including wispy, full, and thick.

Particular designs or lengths are better suited to certain eye shapes than others.

For instance, a cat-eye or a thicker lash may detract focus from hooded eyes, whilst a shorter, wispy lash with a touch of curl might detract attention from round eyes.

Ultimately, though, it comes down to personal preference, lash goals, and what feels most comfortable for you.

If you’re uncertain of which lash style or length will look best on your eyes, a kit including a variety of lash types and lengths is the best solution.



As is the case with any other cosmetic product, the quality of the magnetic eyelashes you purchase is critical. While some of them may seem to be sturdy and adorable, you will immediately regret your purchase when you go to put them on and they just fall off.

Ascertain that the magnets are strong enough to stick to your natural eyelashes but also removable. You want to avoid ripping off any natural lashes in the process. Select lashes that seem natural. Some lashes are made from plastic or a synthetic material rather than being soft and flexible.

Additionally, some contain magnets that are too large, making them very conspicuous. Magnetic eyelashes of superior quality should enhance, not detract from, your appearance.


The material used to create magnetic lashes is critical to consider since it influences how natural and durable the falsies seem to be and how long they stay. A lot of the time, magnetic lashes are manufactured out of synthetic fibers, silk, or synthetic mink.

Silk and imitation mink are the most natural-looking textiles available, making them an excellent choice if you’re aiming for a more natural appearance in your wardrobe. You should also use waterproof lashes that are resistant to wind and other environmental factors to have a better grip.


A magnetic eyeliner or two magnetic lash strips are often used to apply magnetic lashes, which are sandwiched between any natural lashes and the magnetic lash strips.

Both techniques rely on magnets to hold the lashes in place and are significantly less messy than traditional lash glue, not to mention much gentler on the eyelids than traditional lash adhesive.

The eyeliner approach is the most straightforward of the two; but, if you dislike the way eyeliner looks, you may choose to experiment with the second method.

It is a matter of personal choice and endurance on the part of the individual.

Magnetic Lashes Women Over Fifty

Now that we have covered the areas you should consider, let’s take a look at some magnetic lashes on the market that we think are worth the hype! 

Eylure Luxe Magnetic Opulent Accent

Eylure Luxe Magnetic Opulent Accent

As with the rest of magnetic eyelashes, applying Eylure Luxe Magnetic Opulent Accent Eyelashes takes practice, but these, in particular, allow for straightforward application and gentle removal.

Additionally, these lashes provide 15 years and come with a lovely applicator and a storage case to ensure they don’t get misplaced. These lashes blend in wonderfully with any natural lashes because of the lack of shine. 

As well as this, they are easy to apply due to the absence of extraneous lash, which makes manipulating and positioning it at the lash line much easier.

Ardelle Magnetic Lash

Ardelle Magnetic Lash

Ardell Magnetic Lash is a revolutionary multi-magnet technique that utilizes almost invisible magnets that are purposely put end to end for complete magnetic contact, guaranteeing that lashes sit flat along the natural lash line and do not flare out.

These magnetic lashes are simple to apply due to the pre-curved bands that are tailored to fit the lid. A range of lash styles, including our best-selling Wispies, the first feathery lash, and natural lashes in strip and accent styles, allow you to get that individual look.

Ardelle is also a more dramatic option. Ardelle Magnetic Lash #110 are entire lash strips that are applied in the same manner as their Lash Accent #001. They define a whole strip while being quite natural and complete.

Glamnetic Virgo Magnetic Lashes

Glamnetic Virgo Magnetic Lashes

Glamnetic’s waterproof, weightless lashes are made with strong synthetic fibers and equipped with six magnets for longer use. They may be worn up to 60 times and provide the eyelashes with both natural and noticeable volume.

The versatile lashes may be worn for a variety of occasions and are easily customized to your eye shape. They do not need an expert application, and even inexperienced users may get this voluminous lash appearance.

Arishine Magnetic Eyeliner And Lashes Kit

Arishine Magnetic Eyeliner And Lashes Kit

This magnetic eyeliner and lash kit has a one-of-a-kind eyeliner that contains ultra-fine magnetic particles that aid in the attachment of the magnetic eyelash. Additionally, the smudge-proof eyeliner is applied with a familiar brush. There is no need for sticky adhesive!

This Arishine discount kit has everything you need to create a very unique lash look. It has a long-wearing, fade-resistant liner that shields your fake lashes from water, smudges, wind, and other unforeseen hurdles.

Along with offering an excellent grip for your lashes, the liner has a silky finish that resembles traditional liquid eyeliner, enabling you to skip a step in your beauty regimen. 

Additionally, a precise lash applicator is included, as well as five reusable lash styles ranging from natural to voluminous.

Final Thoughts

While new trends are inevitable in the cosmetics market, they eventually vanish.

Magnetic lashes for ladies over fifty, on the other hand, are almost surely here to stay! Notably, the most frequently searched term in the beauty category in 2018 was ‘lashes’.

Avoid the trouble of lash glue and get your desired look with lush, stunning lashes that are also reusable and excellent for older women.

When it comes to beauty routines, anything that enhances our look while simplifying our lives is a win-win. One is the fact that beautiful lashes may be achieved without the usage of lash glue.

Magnetic eyelashes instantly increase your look by volumizing any natural lashes without the expenditure of extensions or perms.

Magnetic lashes for ladies over 50 provide gorgeous lashes that are easy to apply and remove after you’ve mastered them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Magnetic Eyelashes Safe?

Yes, magnetic lashes are completely risk-free to wear. If we’re being candid, applying synthetic eyelashes may be a pain.

Even correctly applying your mascara might be a problem on some days! You most definitely do not want glue in your eyes.

Magnetic lashes, on the other hand, may be a safer alternative to sticky lashes. You may confidently buy and use it.

Constantly applying glue to your lashes to keep them secure is damaging to the health of any natural lashes. By using magnetic lashes, the risk of natural lashes being lost or damaged is reduced.

Additionally, the glue may end up in your eyes. This may seem trivial if it happens just once. Simply rinse it under running water.

This is not always the case, though. Magnetic lashes pose no such risk. Magnetic eyelashes are a safe solution if you are sensitive to latex. Due to magnetic lashes, you no longer have to feel left out of the falsies craze.

Additionally, you are not putting your health or lash-killing game at risk.

It is critical to bear in mind that the magnetic lashes’ continual pressure and weight may potentially cause harm to any natural lashes. The key, like with any other product, is moderation.

Proper care is also required to ensure that these lashes last as long as possible while in your possession.

How Do You Apply Magnetic Eyelashes?

The application process of magnetic eyelashes differs per brand, and it is advised that you consult their instructions for the best results. The actions listed below are only suggestions.

Where the glue would ordinarily be, magnet strips are used to connect the two sets of eyelashes. These lashes do not need glue, allowing you to go headfirst into the application.

Trim the lashes if desired. This ensures that they are tight against your eye.

The top section should be positioned above any natural lashes on your eyelid, while the bottom section should be positioned below them.

Magnets lock them in place, enabling natural lashes to rest comfortably in between the magnetic eyelashes.

Once you’ve mastered the technique, they’re extremely easy to apply.

Several manufacturers recommend applying a little coat of mascara before using the magnetic eyelashes for increased grip. Magnetic lashes will stay in place even in the absence of mascara.

When applying mascara on magnetic lashes, extreme caution should be used. The sticky texture may result in the loss of any natural lashes.

Additionally, the magnets on the eyelash emphasize the line once applied.

How Do You Remove Magnetic Lashes?

It is recommended that after removing the lash, you wipe and sterilize the bands with alcohol and preserve them in their original case.

This ensures that they are entirely free of makeup, dirt, and oil before their further usage. Be sure to take care when doing this to prevent damaging your eye or the eyelashes in the process.

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