Premium & Unique 60th Birthday Gift Ideas For Her She’ll Love

Whether you’re looking for a gift for your wife, mother, sister, or anyone else who’s dear to your heart, her 60th birthday is a big one. It probably means that this amazing woman has been in your life for quite a long time and that you want to show her exactly how much she means to you.

The thing is, buying gifts isn’t always as easy as we’d like. Sometimes the person you’re buying for is slightly on the picky side, and sometimes we just can’t think of anything they don’t already have. And it’s got to be extra special for a birthday with a “0” in it!

Unique 60th Birthday Gift Ideas For Her She’ll Love

That’s where this guide can help. We’ve chosen a selection of great gifts for women of all tastes so that you know what you need to know to make her 60th birthday (see also ‘The Best 70th Birthday Gift Ideas For Her‘) one she’ll never forget.

3D Crystal Photo

This is a wonderful gift (see also ‘Signs For Grandparents That Make Wonderful Gifts‘) for a friend or family member if you want a premium keepsake. Photographs are priceless reminders of happy times, and one engraved in a piece of shining crystal in glorious 3D is something that’s sure to move her to tears when she opens it.

It also features an LED base that will light up every little detail in the picture so that it looks almost like a hologram. It’s available in three different sizes (small, medium, and large) depending on how many people are in the photo you’d like to use.

Professional Kitchen Knife Set

Does she like cooking? Then treat her to a great set of high-quality kitchen knives. One of the golden rules to remember when buying a gift for someone is that it’s often best if you buy them something that they either couldn’t or wouldn’t buy for themselves.

Maybe she already has her kitchen knives and they work just fine.

She might look at a new set and think about buying them, but maybe thinks it’s not worth it when she has a perfectly good set of knives already. That’s where you come in!

Anyone who loves cooking knows how important good knives are. Make the chef in your life happy by getting her a set of knives that’ll last.

AeroGarden Bounty Indoor Garden

If the woman you’re buying a gift for has a green thumb, look no further than this incredible indoor garden kit. With this, she’ll be able to grow whatever she likes all year round! It has enough space for up to nine different flower, veggie, or herb varieties at a time.

The 40W grow lamp gives the plants the exact amount of light that they need to grow quickly, meaning that they’ll grow much more quickly than they would outside.

There’s also an automatic timer to ensure that the lights turn on and off exactly when they need to. It’s fully wi-fi enabled, meaning it can be controlled through an app or an Amazon Echo device. Gardening isn’t always convenient, but with this gift, it will be!

ACME Rocking Chair

If you’ve made it to 60, then you deserve some comfort in your life. Rocking chairs are just comfy. It’s wonderfully relaxing to sit in the comfort of your home and rock gently back and forth in a well-made piece of furniture.

This particular chair is available in two colors (antique white and cherry) and just screams “quality craftsmanship”.

The padded seat and high back ensure that anyone will be able to sink into it and not feel like getting out again for quite a while. The pattern on the upholstery is also a lovely, abstract, flower pattern. It has an antique vibe and would make a statement piece in any room.

Cuisinart DGB-900BC Automatic Coffeemaker

Any lover of good coffee will be delighted with this incredible coffee maker. It has a professional style grinder that means the consistency of the ground beans will be uniformly perfect.

The charcoal water filter and permanent gold-tone filter help ensure that no impurities make their way into your coffee.

It also features 24-hour programmability, so you can set it to have your coffee hot and ready for you when you get up. It looks sleek and modern and is available in a choice of black or silver, whichever you think she’d prefer.

Oscar De La Renta Bella Essence Perfume For Women

Oscar de la Renta is one of the greatest names in high fashion, and this perfume does justice to the name. It’s a delicate, floral scent. You’ll initially smell fruits: grapefruit, raspberry, redcurrant, followed by rose, vanilla, and jasmine.

Finally, you’ll note hints of musk, ambrox, and patchouli. All that combines into a wonderfully subtle, elegant scent, perfect for the 60th birthday of a classy woman.

St George, Gin Terroir

If your special lady has a taste for good alcohol, she’s sure to love this. Gin is a wonderfully drinkable liquor. Flavored with juniper berries, it’s tastier than vodka and goes down easier than whisky. St George is one of the best around, too.

It’s made with love in California and carries the scent and flavor of some of the wonderful botanicals from the woods of its homeland. Douglas fir, California bay laurel, coastal sage, and nine other plants come together to result in a gin with a unique flavor.

It’s great even if you just want to sip it neat, but is also the perfect ingredient in a gin cocktail – try it in a martini, negroni, or Tom Collins!

BESTER Premium Osetra Sturgeon Black Caviar

If she’s a foodie, then this might be your best bet. Caviar has an almost mythical status in the world of food. The word makes us think of luxury, refinement, and high society.

That makes it the perfect gift for a woman whose tastes lean toward the more sophisticated. Bester caviar is particularly delicious and has a rich, creamy, and nutty flavor.

Because it’s something that lots of people want to try but don’t always think it’s worth buying themselves, it’s a perfect gift. You’re not just buying her some delicious food, you’re buying her the gift of class and style. For a special 60th birthday, there couldn’t be a better choice.

Godiva Assorted Chocolate Truffles

Is there any woman out there who doesn’t love chocolate? A box of chocolates is a classic gift for a very good reason, and nobody does chocolate better than Godiva. They’re a famous Belgian chocolate producer dating back to 1926 and their reputation for absolutely sumptuous chocolate is well-earned.

This box contains 24 individually wrapped chocolates featuring six flavors: tiramisu, chocolate lava cake, black forest cake, crème brulee, strawberry crème tart, and vanilla dulce de leche. Whatever the flavor, they all taste rich, decadent, and delicious. The perfect gift for the chocolate lover in your life.

Ross-Simons Pearl Drop Earrings With Diamond Accents

Some great jewelry is often the final piece of the puzzle in putting together a great outfit. In any case, a 60 year old woman deserves some jewelry that’ll make the world sit up and take notice.

These earrings are sure to do just that. Made of a very tasteful 14 karat yellow gold, they feature two exquisite pearls and gorgeous diamond accents.

Gold, diamond, and pearls all together might sound like overkill but if you think that, then you haven’t seen these earrings. They attract attention without ever asking for it, the mark of true class.

Relaxing Spa Gift Box Basket

A spa treatment is a wonderful thing that can leave anyone feeling revitalized and at peace with the world. It’s not always the easiest to actually get to a spa, though, so this gift will let her bring the spa to her home!

The box contains a steel tumbler (laser engraved with “Not a day over fabulous”), two bars of all-natural premium soap, a jar of silk skin lotion, a bath bomb, and a card for you to write her a special message.

It’s all wonderfully presented and is sure to make her feel as special as you know she is. By the way, all the products are American-made.

Taittinger Lafrancaise Brut Champagne

What’s a birthday without a birthday party? And what’s a birthday party without champagne? This champagne is a delicious blend of chardonnay, pinot noir, and pinot meunier grapes, aged for almost 4 years (which is twice as long as is required by law).

She’ll find that the result has a wonderful sophisticated flavor that’s perfectly balanced.

The nose has hints of white flowers, vanilla pods, peaches, and brioche which turn into fresh fruit and honey on the palate. We only hope you’re not buying her this because you want to drink some of it yourself!

Final Thoughts

Buying a 60th birthday gift can feel like a bit of a challenge sometimes. You really want to make this day feel special and the pressure’s on to get the perfect gift. However, we’re confident that you’ll be able to find the perfect fit on this list.

Whatever the woman you’re looking to treat loves, she’ll be catered to. The only problem you’ll have is choosing between all these great options!

Finally, if you need some great ways to celebrate her 60th birthday check out these ideas!

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