Should Blue And Green Be Worn Together?

In the turbulent world of fashion, certain rules must be followed if you want your outfit to be stylish and presentable. For example, basic fashion advice tells us that we should always be experimenting with our personal style – mixing together vibrant patterns and textures to create unique and outlandish looks. 

However, some fashion aficionados believe that some colors should never clash, for they could result in an outfit that looks messy and inconsistent. But that are these colors and why do they clash with each other? 

Down below, we have compiled together some useful advice concerning the subject of whether blue and green should be worn together, and how you can execute the combination to its fullest potential. 

Should Blue And Green Be Seen Together?

Should Blue And Green Be Seen Together?

The assumption that blue and green should not be worn together seems to stem from two old sayings – “Blue and green should never be seen except in the washing machine” and “blue and green should never be seen without a color in between” – even though this general belief is not entirely true. 

So if you have ever questioned whether blue and green should be seen together, then the answer should always be yes! Not only are blue and green two very striking colors (regardless of shade) but they are also two colors with a lot in common, with both hues often being closely associated with the natural world. 

Blue is often regarded as the color of water, which means we associate the shade with numerous natural facets such as the ocean, as well as the world’s various lakes, rivers and ponds. However, blue can also be found in other areas of nature, with the colour also appearing in flowers, gemstones, the feathers of tropical birds and even the sky. 

Green on the other hand is often associated with the element of earth, with the vibrant colour bearing connotations of life and rebirth. Not only does green feature in all of the Earth’s plants and natural environments, but it can also be found in fruit, vegetables, fish scales and various minerals. 

If you need any more evidence of why blue and green should be seen together, then consider our own planet. Not only is the Earth a striking blend of the two colors, but it also embodies everything that these two colours have come to represent. 

Why Do Blue And Green Go Together?

Although blue and green have a lot in common, there is one major difference between them, with this being that blue is a primary color and green is not.

Not only is blue a color that you can not create, but it is also one of the parent colors used to make green, which is why the two colors are so closely associated and why they should be worn together. 

These two colors can look particularly striking when they are seen together, with both colors being known for having names such as emerald, turquoise, aquamarine and citrine.

Not only can these two colors come together to create jewel-toned accents and looks, but they can also be matched with other colors to create striking ensembles.

If you want to add a third color to your outfit, then we highly recommend using white or purple, as they can really make the blue and green really stand out. 

So if you think the two colors will clash, why not wear them together and see if that assumption is true. Although fashion advice tells us that we should never match clashing colors, it doesn’t really matter if you do. Your personal style should be decided by one thing and that is your own preference and decisions. 

So the next time you feel like wearing blue and green, we say you should do it. For not only do the colors go wonderfully together, but you will look beautiful no matter what you wear. 

How To Wear Blue And Green

Although your personal style should be yours to decide, we have included some advice on how to wear blue and green together in one outfit. 

Before you take a look at our suggestions, we must inform you that even when wearing blue and green, you have to get the tones right. Like there are colors which are blue-based and yellow-based, the same goes for blues and greens. This means that certain tones will pair better with others, so always keep that in mind when choosing your next outfit. 

  • Wear A Statement Piece: If you want to create a truly striking look, then we recommend wearing a statement piece, such as a fashionable coat or stylish dress. If you are feeling particularly adventurous then you can buy coats and suits that literally blend the two colors together, which always delivers stellar results. 

  • Let’s Talk About Accessories: The notion of a statement piece sounds too bold, then you can inject blue and green into your everyday looks using simple accessories. There’s nothing more stylish than a green belt or even a pair of blue pumps. So just let your imagination run wild and we promise you won’t be disappointed with the results.