Should Your Bag Match Your Shoes?

This rule has been a hot topic in the fashion world for decades. Should your bag match your shoes? The short answer is, it depends!

Fashion comes and goes, but your personal style is unique to you. Rules like this one may be quite limiting when expressing yourself through your style. Clashing textures, prints, and colors can be very interesting and fashionable.

If you’re still unsure about not matching your bag with your shoes, don’t worry. Keep these pointers in mind when choosing your next outfit.

Also keep in mind that if you like following classic fashion rules, that’s ok! The matching look can look very classy and elegant. You have to figure out what your style is, then wear items that reflect it.

Should Your Bag Match Your Shoes?

Contrast is everything

You don’t need to worry about finding an exact shade to match your shoes and bag. Try and find items with a little contrast that add to your outfit.

An example is black shoes and a deep burgundy bag. They are dark enough to create some similarity, but there is enough contrast to keep the look interesting.

If you’re still on the fence, try matching the undertones instead. A jewel-toned dress would look great with navy heels and a purple bag.

Be confident with your choices

Mismatching in a fashionable way is all about confidence! If you aren’t afraid to experiment, pairing different shades and patterns will never look weird.

Remember that you have a wealth of colors, tones, and textures to choose from. Think satin shoes with a lace bag, or bright florals with a light shade of white.

Think outside of color

Contrasting colors and prints are one thing, but you can always mix up different aesthetics as well. Thin and dainty heels don’t have to be paired with a tiny clutch.

For a fashionable look that looks intentionally done, you could pair these with a small leather backpack instead. Mixing up dainty and edgy accessories is an easy way to explore the trend, while always looking stylish.

Keep to the same color palette

If you’re on the fence about matching your shoes and bag, remember that they don’t have to be completely different! One way to keep your look multi-tonal is to keep your items in the same color range.

Think metallic gold heels with a warm beige bag. This is how you can step outside your comfort zone, without straying too far from old-school fashion rules.

Different events have different rules

It may be stylish, but some occasions just don’t call for a mismatching outfit. Exclusive events at upscale places may be the wrong place to wear your teal heels and leopard print clutch. There’s a time and a place to be adventurous with your style, just as there is a time and a place to be chic and classy.

However, there are ways in which you can get around the ‘should always match’ rule. You could wear your shoes and bag to other items that you are wearing; like matching your bag to your skirt and shoes with your blouse. This is a good way to remain elegant without being too matchy-matchy.

Remember that it’s absolutely fine if you’d like to continue matching your bag and shoes. Mismatching is a way to be unique and expressive with your style.

Hopefully, the tips above will help you be more creative when selecting your next outfit. To help you even more, here are some frequently asked questions about matching your bag to your shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What color purse can you use year-round?

A classic purse in a neutral tone is a good investment, as you will be able to pair it with a lot of the clothes you already have on hand. Neutral colors range from a lighter cream & tan to a deeper navy and black. Depending on your style, you might prefer one over the other.

Black is always a good choice; you can take it from day to night. Brown and navy can be worn throughout the year and can be paired with most colors in your wardrobe.

White tends to be a better choice in the summer, as it can contrast too much with winter’s darkness. On the other hand, cream and camels can work rain or shine, and can look great with a variety of textures and shades.

Do shoes and bag have to match for a formal wedding?

There is no official practice dictating that you have to match your bag and shoes at a wedding. Despite this, many believe that matching these items looks elegant and refined.

If you’d like to feel more sophisticated, you may want to pair your bag and shoes together, but remember that mismatching your accessories can still be done tastefully.

Can you wear a black bag with brown shoes?

Black and brown is a combination that can look old and dated. It’s difficult to make a black bag and brown shoes look stylish. One way to wear this look is to match the tones to each other.

A deep brown bag can go with black shoes; like mahogany or cocoa. However, bright brown contrasts too much with black to look good. When you have to pair black with brown, keep your brown shades dark and deep to avoid looking unfashionable.