Signs For Grandparents That Make Wonderful Gifts: Show Your Love with the Written Word!

Grandparents are very proud to be exactly that – grandparents! They are known for spoiling their grandkids rotten and wanting to spend each and every minute with them.

Signs For Grandparents That Make Wonderful Gifts

Finding gifts for them is never tricky, as they accept anything with open arms – especially if these gifts have come from their beloved grandchildren!

This article is going to be providing you with a list of some wonderful signs that serve as lovely presents for your grandparents. They can hang them up all over their home, and be wonderful reminders of their favorite little people.  

Personalized Family Tree

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This personalized family tree on a wooden slate is the perfect sign for grandparents to hang on their walls. I LOVE this gift (hint, hint if you’re reading this, Jackie)

Each member of the family is added to a wooden heart and placed on the tree. This can act as an interactive present too, as any newborns can be added as and when! 

Slow Grandparents At Play Sign

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For those who have more of a playful side, this sign is perfect. It is in the form of a warning sign, and says “Slow – Grandparents At Play”. 

This is the perfect little sign for grandparents with young grandkids, who love to play around. It can be placed in the designated play area, and once their grandkids have grown up, it can serve as a fond reminder of when they were young. 

Grandparent’s House Rules Sign

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As we mentioned earlier, grandparents love to spoil their grandkids, and what better way to remind them of that fact, than by having this house rules sign! 

These are the best rules that any grandchildren can ask for! Some include “cookies for breakfast, stay up late, and no parents allowed.” 

Just be sure to hide it from the parents! 

Grandkids Make Life Grand Sign 

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This sign would make a lovely gift for grandparents. It says “Grandkids Make Life Grand” on a wooden plaque, and contains a little string with pegs. 

You are then to place some Polaroid photos on each peg. You can choose your favorite memories in a photo, and hang them along with this sign. 

Your grandparents can then hang this sign anywhere in their home, so each time you visit, you are reminded of how much they value you. 

Grandkids Sign

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This sign is slightly more abstract, but would still look wonderful hanging on a wall. It features the word ‘Grandkids’, and in between each letter lies the name of a grandchild.

However, this sign will only work best if there are multiple grandkids in the family, not just one or two. 

Welcome Sign

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This welcome sign is bound to be a favorite. It says, “Welcome To Grandma And Grandpa’s – Admission: One Hug.” It also comes with a string attached, making it very easy for your grandparents to hang it up in their place of choice. 

This sign is definitely one that will give you a warm and fuzzy feeling as you enter their home. 

Personalized Long Distance Sign

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As heartbreaking as it feels, sometimes you may not live close by to your grandparents. Perhaps you even live in different states. 

This beautiful sign shows cut-outs of the two states of your choice, with a heart on each one. The words display, “The love between family knows no distance”.

This sign would serve as a lovely present for your grandparents and for you, so there’s a little piece of them at home with you whenever you are missing them. 

Sign For New Grandparents 

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This sign would be a great gift as a surprise pregnancy announcement for new grandparents. It is in the shape of a heart and comes with a string for easy wall mounting. 

It has a lovely message that states the new baby is very excited to meet them, and it is signed off with “love from bump”. This is the perfect way to announce your pregnancy and is a lovely keepsake for new grandparents to cherish a very happy time. 

Family Blessings Calendar

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In the form of a calendar, this clever sign has all the months of the year, with little wooden coins that contain the name of each family member, along with the day they were born. 

There’s also some rope attached with little pegs, in order to add any photos you like. 

This is the perfect little gift for your grandparents to hang on their wall, and when new members of the family are born, they can be added to it. 

I Became A Grandparent Sign 

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This little sign is perfect for hanging up on a wall. It says, “Just when I thought I was too old to fall in love again, I became a grandparent.” 

This is a beautiful little sign that only measures 5x5x1.5 inches, so your grandparent won’t be stuck for space when it comes to hanging it up. 

The words in it are beautiful and serve as a lovely reminder of love and family. It can also serve as a lovely gift that gets passed down through a family! 

Final Thoughts 

Finding a gift for grandparents is not tricky at all, as they’ll be proud of anything their grandkids get for them. These signs serve as wonderful gift ideas and act as reminders to your grandparents of how much you value them and their time. 

They can be kept forever, and passed down through generations, always serving as a reminder of those grandparents you loved deeply.