The Best Lipsticks For Luscious Lips

What makes a lipstick perfect? Is it the color or texture? Or maybe the formula? Whatever it is, there are certain things you should look out for before buying a new lipstick.

The Best Lipsticks For Luscious Lips

Lips are often considered the most important feature of a woman’s face. They are also the most sensitive part of our body.

If you want your lips to look as luscious as possible, you need to choose the right colors and textures.

There are hundreds of brands offering thousands of shades of lipsticks. Some are better than others, though.

Here are our favorite lipsticks for luscious lips. We’ve also included some tips to help you pick the perfect shade.

Our Lipstick Recommendations 

Below, we’ve listed our favorite lipsticks that will make your lips look plump and hydrated.

Whether you’re looking for a sheer nude tone to bring together your no-makeup-makeup look, or you want to try out a bold matte color to make a statement, there will be something for you!  

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2 Lipsticks

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2 Lipsticks 

In our opinion, you can’t go wrong with Charlotte Tilbury – and the Hot Lips 2 Lipsticks are no exception.

This line has a satin finish that will make your lips look glowy, smooth, and hydrated. The nude shades are great for those of you who enjoy a more natural look. 

L’Oreal Color Riche Shine Lipsticks

L’Oreal Color Riche Shine Lipsticks

One way to get luscious lips is to ensure that your lipstick or gloss is hydrating. The L’Oreal Color Riche Shine range is a great hydrating but affordable option.

They also come in a wide range of pink, red, purple, and nude shades – so there’s something for everyone!

Nars Lipsticks 

Nars Lipsticks 

If you love a darker lip color, you need to give the Nars Lipsticks a try. They are hydrating and come in some gorgeous deep plum colors, as well as your standard lighter tones.

They never fade when wearing and they actually improve the condition of the lips! 

Bobbi Brown Lip Color

Bobbi Brown Lip Color 

If you’re a fan of more matte lip shades, you should give the Bobbi Brown Lip Color line a try.

These are a range of creamy, semi-matte lipsticks that will leave your lips looking healthy and full, without being too shiny or sticky. 

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick 

Estee Lauder’s products have really stood the test of time. If you want to purchase affordable, trusted, and high-quality lipstick, you should try their envy sculpting line.

The colors are bold and rich which is perfect for thinner, lackluster lips. 

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick 

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick 

If you prefer a sheer finish from your lipsticks, but you still want some oomph, the Urban Decay Vice Lipstick line is perfect for you.

We love their pink tones – they look oh so natural whilst giving your lips a boost of hydration. 

Dior Addict Lip Glow 

Dior Addict Lip Glow 

Dior consistently produces some of the highest quality lipsticks, so if you’re willing to splash the cash a little bit, we definitely recommend checking out their Addict Lip Glow line.

It is a balm and comes in three different finishes, so there should be something for you!

E.L.F Cosmetics Moisturizing Lipstick 

If you’re not usually a lipstick lady and you’re just trying to test the waters, don’t bother splurging on a designer brand’s product that you may only ever use once.

The E.L.F Cosmetics moisturizing lipsticks are super affordable and they make your lips look plump! 

Clinique Pop Splash Lip Gloss 

As Estee Lauder, Clinique has also been a giant in the makeup industry for some time.

Their focus on lightweight makeup products with hydrating and clean ingredients means that their lipsticks are ideal for more mature skin types. 

L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Luminous Hydrating Lipstick

L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Luminous Hydrating Lipstick

Finally, we just had to mention the L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect lipsticks. They are affordable, incredibly hydrating, and have been designed specifically for mature skin. The center of the lipstick is embedded with moisturizing balm; it’s like 2 products in 1!

The serum consistency glides effortlessly over the lips, and the satin finish is just perfect. 

Tips And Tricks For Luscious Lips 

Everyone has a unique skin type and style. That’s why it can feel so impossible to find a lipstick that works perfectly for you.

Below, we’ve listed some tips and tricks to help you figure out what type of lipstick will work best for you. You’ll be rocking that new shade in no time! 

For Small Lips 

If you have small or thin lips, we recommend opting for a bright color.

Now, if you’re generally a no-makeup or minimal-makeup kind of person, a vivid lip color can take a little bit of getting used to – but, trust us, it is definitely worth a try. 

A bright color on thin lips works to draw attention to the mouth, making it look more prominent than it actually is.

A vivid lip color is also considered to be super stylish and will make you look particularly fashionable. 

For Full Lips 

If you have full lips, lucky you! You can pretty much rock any kind of lip color. However, that being said, we do absolutely love a soft shade on plump lips.

Soft pinks and glossy nudes are ideal for fuller lips, but if you’re a fan of bright or bold tones, go for it! 

For Wrinkles

If your lips are particularly wrinkled or have deep lines, it can feel as though most lipsticks make the situation worse rather than better.

However, we promise you that is not the case. You just need to look for lipsticks with the right formulation and texture. 

We recommend staying away from shimmery or frosted shades, because these will work to draw attention to any lines.

Additionally, matte lipsticks can look particularly dry on mature lips which will exacerbate the problem. 

Instead, we recommend opting for a hydrating lipstick with a gloss finish. These will give the lips a plump appearance and will help your lips become healthier over time.

With a gloss, it is also easy to top it up throughout the day, reducing the probability of it settling into your wrinkles. 

For Long-Lasting Color 

If you’re sick and tired of having to reapply your lipstick every two minutes throughout the day (ok, that might be an exaggeration, but you know what we mean), then you should try using both a lip liner and a lipstick or gloss.

Applying lip liner to the lips and then a touch of lipstick or gloss on top will encourage your color to last far longer.

This is because the lip liner will act as a great stain or base for your topcoat. It also means that you’ll have to put on less lipstick, which will mean there is less chance of it moving. 

For Natural Babes 

Lipstick can be a tricky makeup item to navigate, especially if you’re a fan of the more natural look.

The hundreds of bold, dark, and vivid colors available today are likely a little intimidating in these cases.

However, there are some lipsticks out there that will bring together a minimal makeup look. 

Specifically, we recommend trying out a lipstick with a sheer finish. These tend to have some pigment without being too overpowering.

They leave your lips looking somewhat tinted and glossy without overpowering your whole face. 

If this is a step too far for you, then why not try a tinted lip balm?

These glide over the lips with ease, leave them feeling incredibly hydrated, and will give your lips just a little bit of color or shine.

They are also very easy to reapply throughout the day.

For Sensitive Lips 

If you struggle with sensitive skin or sensitive lips, it is very important that you stay away from lipsticks that claim to make your lips bigger.

These often contain very irritating ingredients that could do far more harm than good. 

In these cases, we recommend opting for a super hydrating lipstick or gloss. Look for one that has hyaluronic acid in the ingredients list.

You could also opt for a tinted lip balm instead of a lipstick or gloss as these tend to be more gentle. 

For Lip Health

Finally, it is important to note that, to get the most luscious lips possible, the most useful thing you can do is take care of your lips and skin – especially if you have mature lips.

It is normal for our lips to become drier over time, which will reduce their plumpness and increase lines. 

As such, it is really important to ensure that you keep your lips as hydrated as possible (preferably using a lip balm that has a high SPF rating).

We also recommend occasionally using a lip scrub on them to keep them feeling super smooth.


So, there you have it. The best lip products for gorgeous lips.

Regardless of your skin type, age, or preferences, there is a lipstick or gloss out there that will suit you and make your lips look amazing!

We hope that this article has inspired you to get out there and try out a fun lip look. 

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