The Best Shower Games For A Grandmother Shower

If you’re planning a grandmother shower or you have one coming up, you want to do it properly. That means, lots of games, and lots of fun!

The Best Shower Games For A Grandmother Shower

Whilst baby showers have been popular for decades, grandmother showers are becoming more and more common.

With the last few years being as strenuous as they have been, we’re all looking for any excuse to have a good time. And, grandmother showers are that perfect excuse.

A grandmother shower gives everyone a chance to celebrate a grandmother-to-be, whether it’s her first grandchild or her tenth!

You may think that a grandmother shower would be exactly the same as a baby shower, but this is not the case.

Granny showers tend to be a little different from the traditional baby shower though both include a number of games to play.

This is the time to celebrate the upcoming birth of a new grandchild, and what better way than playing some games with friends and family?

But, what games should you play? You don’t need to worry about that, as we have you covered.

In today’s post, we are going to show you a few of our favorite games that are perfect to play at grandmother showers.

Maybe you have played some of them before but we can guarantee that everyone will have an amazing time if you include these at your grandmother’s shower.

Fun Games To Play At A Grandmother Shower

Grandma showers are all about celebrating the new grandmother-to-be. Hopefully, by this point, the mother would have had her baby shower to celebrate.

But, now it’s time for her mother, or the father’s mother, (or both) to enjoy a party.

But, whilst there will likely be champagne present and snacks, a grandma shower is never complete without some fun games.

So, let’s not wait any longer and show you the best games to play at your next grandmother shower.

Right, Left Story Game

For this game, you’re only going to need:

  • One or two small gifts

How To Play

The right, left story game is amazingly good fun! First thing you’ll have to do is wrap up a gift, and yes, you guessed it – the winner of the game ends up with this gift as their present.

However, if your group is large at the party, we recommend using two or three gifts.

Arrange everyone in a circle and hand the gift, or however many gifts you have ready, to a person in the circle.

Now, you, or someone else, needs to read out a story with the words “right” or “left” present throughout.

Every time the storyteller says “right,” the gift should be passed to a person’s right. Every time the reader says “left,” the gift should be passed to the left.

Whoever holds the gift when the story ends is the winner and can keep the gift. It’s like pass the parcel, but with a fun story!

If you end up with the gift, you can offer it to the new grandma-to-be. This will go down very well with everyone at the party!

Baby Word Scramble Game

Here’s a great game that only needs:

  • Pencils or pens
  • A printed copy of the text (available here)

Gold Baby Shower Games Gender Neutral

How To Play

For the baby word scramble game, you will need to either buy it online or make your own version at home. Once you have your pages ready, pass them out to the guests.

Set a timer for about 10 minutes – but you can set it for however long you like. Ask everyone to unscramble as many of the words as they can during this time.

All they need to do is write the words below the scrambled letters.

The guest who unscrambles the most words is the winner. And, if you like, you can have a little prize for them, as well.

Dress The Baby Game

For this game, you will need:

  • One baby doll with clothes
  • A blanket and a diaper for every five guests (i.e, two for every ten guests, three for every fifteen, and so on)

How To Play

The way you play this game tends to be determined by how many guests are at a grandma shower. The best number for this game is typically at least ten people.

The main idea is to split teams up into five. As soon as the host (or whoever is chosen) shouts “GO!”, the person who is first in line must remove the blanket, and then pass the baby doll and blanket to the next person in line.

Here, the second person takes off the clothes and hands the doll to the third person.

The third participant needs to place the diaper back on the baby, whilst the fourth redresses it. Lastly, the fifth, or last person, needs to wrap the baby up in a blanket.

Whichever team finishes first is crowned the winner!

Of course, you may have a much bigger group than five or ten. If there are at least 20 people at the shower, we suggest putting two teams of five up against each other in a race.

The second two teams of five then have a race between the two winning teams.

You can mix this up, of course. There are no rules! Just make sure you have fun and do what is best for your group.

Nursery Rhyme Quiz Game

With a newborn on the way, nursery rhymes are going to become commonplace for both parents and grandparents. So, why not start early?

For this game, you will need:

Gold Baby Shower Games Gender Neutral

How To Play

If you do not want to buy a nursery rhyme game, you can simply write down some trivia questions about nursery rhymes yourself, and pass them around. But, online or store-bought versions look great for your guests.

To start, simply pass the game pages around to everyone. Set your timer for ten minutes, or whatever length of time you want.

Ask everyone to answer as many questions about their favorite nursery rhymes as possible during the allotted time.

Once the time is up or everyone has answered everything in time, you, or whoever has the answers, needs to read out the answers. Here, the guests can mark each other’s work.

As with any quiz, whoever answers the most questions is the winner.

If there is a tie, you can simply give both guests the winning tag, or you can continue asking questions until one of them gets a wrong answer. This could turn tense!

The Price Is Right Game

That’s right! You can play this family TV favorite at your next grandma shower!

All you’ll need are:

The Price is Right Game

How To Play

You can start with a price for the right game bought online, or in store, or you can simply make a list of the common items a baby will need. This includes wipes, bibs, diapers, milks, and so on.

Because this game includes prices for each purchase, we think it’s easier to simply buy it online.

The prices of items vary depending on where they were bought. Therefore, we recommend using just one source, such as Amazon. You can find out the prices and write them next to your list if required.

Now, call out every item to your guests and ask them to write down both the item and how much they think the current retail price is for it.

Do this for each item, and whoever finishes with the closest total for the most items is the winner.

Guess The Diaper Candy Game

It may not sound like a fun game but, trust us, it is!

For this game, you will need:

  • Eight to ten small or preemie diapers
  • Eight to ten candy bars (assorted)
  • A sharpie
  • Paper and pen

How To Play

For this guessing game, you will need to start preparations before the shower.

Start by using a sharpie and writing on the exterior of the diapers to number them with the number of candies you use.

Then, create a key by numbering pieces of paper one to ten.

Now, take a bit of each candy bar you have and (this is gross but funny) rub it on the diaper’s inside. When you’re smearing each diaper, keep a note on your paper key of what candy bar was used for each.

Some examples are Butterfingers, Milky Way, Snickers, Mars, etc.

Now, the big day has arrived and it’s time to play guess the diaper candy!

Start by handing out a piece of paper marked one to ten to every guest. Pass the diapers around and ask each player to look at and smell the diapers (not something you do every day!)

Ask each participant to guess which candy var is in the diapers, and then have them note this on their paper.

Whoever ends up with the most correct answers is the winner! Why not hand them some candy bars as a prize? If they ever want to see a candy bar again!

In Summary

As you can see, there is so much fun to be had at a grandmother shower. From trivia quizzes to smelling candy in diapers, you are bound to have a great time.

Just make sure you capture a photo of everyone’s faces when you hand them diapers covered in candy. We’d love to see them!