The Ultimate In-Depth Cut Crease Tutorial For Mature Hooded Eyes

Cut crease makeup looks are the most popular and versatile way to create a smoky eye look. This look involves creating a sharp ‘cut’ on the crease of the eyelid with a darker eyeshadow shade. The eyelid then has a much lighter shade (some even opt for using glitter!).

It adds depth to the eyes, and is an especially good look for those who have mature or hooded eyes, as the depth that is created will give your eyes a larger-looking shape! 

The Ultimate In-Depth Cut Crease Tutorial For Mature Hooded Eyes

This article is going to give you an in-depth tutorial on how you can create this look, with a few tips and tricks along the way! 

Look Straight Into A Mirror

First thing’s first, you need to find where the crease is on your eyelid.

For some blessed individuals, this is not a problem, but for those with more hooded eyes, it takes a little more effort, but there’s no reason to worry, we’ve got your back girls, (and guys!). 

All you need to do is look straight into a mirror and keep your face as relaxed as possible. Locate where the bottom of your eyelid hood is, and there will be a natural crease there.

The cut crease line in this eyeshadow look, will be located around 1-2 mm above the natural crease of your eye. 

Next – Primer

While many forget this step, it will really make the eyeshadow application smoother, and will also ensure that it stays on longer without any creases! 

Eye shadow primer is usually in a liquid or cream form, and it helps the eyeshadow stick to the eyelid.

If you are creating an eyeshadow look, you should always prime your eyelids beforehand. This will ensure that the eyeshadow stays on for a longer period of time. 

Tip alert! Regular concealer works just as well as an eyeshadow primer, so no excuses ladies and gents! 

Begin To Set The Crease 

In order to begin this look, use a dark brown or neutral shade (depending on how much depth you would like), and using a small, either pointed or angled brush, begin to apply it to the crease of the eyelid. 

You should diffuse this color upward and onto the hood of your eyelid. If your eyelid hood reaches the inner corner of your eye, use a lighter shade for this section.

All darker shades should be used on the outer parts of the lid, and lighter shades on the inner corners. This ensures more vibrancy around your eyes. 

Add Dimension With A Darker Shade

Once you’ve created that contrast between your eyelid and hood/crease, you can add dimension by using a darker shade.

You should use a small brush to apply this color because precision is needed. 

This dark shade is going to go in that section that is 1-2 mm above your natural crease, as we mentioned earlier.

It is important to not apply it to high or low, it must go right in the middle of that line. 

Time For The Eyelid

Time For The Eyelid

Now that you’ve created that perfect cut crease, you can apply a lighter shade to your eyelid.

If you are going for more of a glamorous look, you can even use a shimmery eyeshadow, or apply some glitter! 

Apply this shade all over your eyelid, making sure to blend it outwards towards the edges. Make sure to cover the entire eyelid. 

If you want to achieve a smoky effect, you can use a darker eyeshadow color.

Just remember it needs to be lighter than the hood and cut crease shades, to make the most of the effect.

You also need to be mindful of how dark you want to go, as colors that are too dark could end up looking harsh and unflattering. 

Add Some Smoke To The Outer Edge

To add some extra flair to this look, grab a darker shade and lightly apply it to the outer corner of the eyelid. This will give you more of a smokey eye look. 

Finish Off Your Look

Finish Off Your Look

To finish off this look, apply a light shade, or highlighter, to the area of skin just below the brow bone. This will really add dimension to this look, and make your eyes pop! 

You should also apply some eyeliner to your eyes. You can use a small, angled brush for this, and dip the brush in some dark brown eyeshadow.

For a more defined look, try wetting the brush slightly before dipping it into the eyeshadow. 

This will give it more of a paste consistency, making it easier to apply, resembling a liquid liner! 

To apply it, simply press the brush onto your lash line, creating a thin line before building it up, so it’s slightly thicker as you get to the edge of the eye.

A wing will really suit this look, so as you get to the end of the lash line, create a flick by angling it towards the outer corner of your eyebrow. 

If you’re not used to creating wings, this may take some practice, especially to make both eyes equal, but the end result will be totally worth it! 

If you would like to line your bottom lashes, you can do this with the same angled brush you used for your top line, or an eyeliner pencil.

Just remember to only line the outer third of your bottom line. Lining the entire lower lash line can sometimes make the eyes look too heavy and occasionally messy. 

You could also apply the same darker shade you used for your crease to the outer parts of your lower lash line. This will also add to the smokey look. 


One simply does not complete a makeup look without paying attention to their lashes. Having defined lashes makes a stark difference to your appearance. 

Having long, dark lashes will give you a refreshed, bright look. This is because they will emphasize the white in your eyes, as well as your eye color.

In order to get your lashes to stand out against this bold eyeshadow look, you should apply a few coats of mascara, until you reach the desired darkness. 

If your lashes don’t have a natural lift, you could also curl them with an eyelash curler before applying mascara.

It is always advisable to use an eyelash curler before applying mascara, as using one after may cause your lashes to stick to the curler, and none of us want that! 

Major Tip Alert

Now, we know that creating that perfect cut crease look can be tricky, especially if you’ve got mature eyes, as your skin may not be as smooth as it once was.

Because of this, we thought we’d share with you an amazing tip to get that perfect cut crease line. 

Once you’ve applied your medium to dark eyeshadow color on the crease and hood of your eyelid, grab a q-tip and dip it into some makeup remover. 

Then, with patience and precision, run the q-tip along your crease, following the shape. This will create the perfect cut crease line! 

From this point, you can either leave the cut crease as it is and just apply some light eyeshadow over your eyelid, or you can use the line you created as a guide for a darker shade to go into the cut crease.

This is especially useful if you would like a bolder look. 

Inner Corner Tip

This inner corner tip will really add some more vibrancy to your eyes.

It is also great for those of you who may have some mature lines in the corner of your eye, as this will really light up your entire face! 

Simply grab a light shade of eyeshadow or some highlighter for extra glam, and dab some into the inner corners of your eyes. This will really brighten up your appearance. 

Eye Color And Eye Shadow

It’s safe to say we’ve all been in a position where we have no idea what eyeshadow goes best with our eyes…flashbacks of glittery blue shadow spring to mind. 

Knowing what kinds of eye shadows complement your eyes will really take your makeup game to a whole other level.

Therefore, we’ve decided to include a little guide on the different shadows that suit particular eye colors. You’re welcome! 

Green/Hazel Eyes

Green/Hazel Eyes

Green or hazel eyes look best when paired with eyeshadows that have purple or pink tones. Purple colors really compliment the green color in the eyes, making them stand out.

When it comes to hazel eyes, purples will accentuate any gold hues within them. 

When it comes to eyeliner, people with hazel or green eyes look best with lighter liners, such as brown ones. 

Brown Eyes

People with brown eyes are the lucky ones it seems, because all colors go well with this eye color.

Bright colors such as greens and purples add a splash of color to these eyes, whereas golds and bronze will highlight the brown tones in the eyes. 

Therefore, all colors will complement this eye color, and the same goes for eyeliner. Dark liners will really bring out any lighter tones in the brown of the eyes. 

Dark Brown Eyes

For people with extra dark brown eyes, colors such as violet and silver really contrast this dark eye color well, and will make them pop!

Dark brown-colored beauties can really get away with all the shimmery and glittery looks. 

Blue Eyes

Those blessed with gorgeous baby blues don’t need a lot of help in making their eyes pop. However, colors that have some orange tones really give these eyes an extra something. 

As a general rule of thumb, blue-eyed beauties should stick to eyeshadows that are more neutral and warm, such as browns, and oranges. 

Gray Eyes

Gray eyes are rare and beautiful and go best with smokey eyeshadow shades.

Silvery gray and light blue are some of the shades that work best with this eye color Similarly to blue eyes, they don’t need much help in making them stand out.  

Final Thoughts 

To conclude, creating a cut crease eyeshadow look isn’t hard, especially if you follow the tips and tricks we included in this article.

This look works wonders for those with hooded and mature eyes. 

It is a versatile look, as you can make it bolder by adding darker colors and contrasts, or you can opt for a more natural look by using more neutral colors.

If you’re not sure what colors to choose, just match your eye color with the eyeshadow guide above! 

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