What Is The Right Dress Style For Your Body Shape?

Fashion is always changing, and it can be hard to keep up. Whilst we try to stay on trend, certain items of clothing just aren’t for us, or our bodies.

Finding the perfect dress for an event or party can be such a hassle. There are so many to choose from, and sometimes the ones you pick just don’t look the same on you as they did on the model. This is why finding the right styles for your body shape is so important. 

Certain dress cuts, styles and shapes can either flaunt your body shape, or they may not sit well on you. So, you have to find out which parts of your body you are comfortable showing off, and those you want to keep covered.

In addition, you may want to stick to certain styles or shapes that accentuate your curves, or show off your figure. 

Knowing what your best features are is so vital to how you shop for a dress. So, we have created a list of some of the most common body shapes, and which dresses are best for them!

What Is The Right Dress Style For Your Body Shape?

What is the right dress style for my body shape?

Small Bust 

A small bust can be a great asset. This means that you never struggle to fit into a blouse or button up dress. If you have a small bust, then you are not restricted to what you can wear.

With a small bust, it is always best to think about the details. A nice lace gown or a dress with a lot of detailing on the bodice can really make your bust look great. 

Think about drawing the eye to the bust with corsetry, beading, frills or pleats that will add interest to the dress, but also give the illusion of a bigger bust.

You will also look great in silk dresses or jersey dresses that fit your shape perfectly, but avoid wearing stretchy tube dresses that will stick to you, and make you look a little flat chested. 

The beauty of a smaller bust is that you do not have to wear a bra. This means that you can wear strapless dresses, halter neck dresses or those with pretty spaghetti straps. 

Large Bust

On the other hand, if you have a larger bust, it can be a little trickier to find a dress that fits your chest and your shoulders and arms. You may find yourself sizing up just to fit your bust, but the dress will not fit the rest of you quite as nicely.

This is why tailored clothes are your best friend, or should we say breast friend! Tailored clothes will ensure that your dresses fit just right, and are not too loose on the bust or too tight on the bust.

You can also try dresses with seams through the waist, and don’t forget to show off that cleavage, just not too much. Those of us with much bigger busts can quickly look a little too revealed with a lot of cleavage!

Try to opt for a dress that balances both the curves and the bust. To do this, we recommend going for dresses with square styles and V-necks… and look for fabrics that accentuate the silhouette rather than cling tightly to the body.

Unlike those with smaller busts, you do not want to draw too much attention to the chest area…your bust can do that by itself.

So, avoid dresses with lots of fabric in the bust area, or bows, frills and buttons in this area as it can just make the bust look over the top big, and the rest of you can look a little unbalanced. What you can try is wrap-front dresses, which will make the bust look great, but will not be too revealing at your next event. 

Great Neck & Shoulders

The best thing to do with a great neck and shoulders is to draw attention to it. This way, you can take the eye away from parts of your body that you don’t like, and draw it to your gorgeous shoulders and face! 

To do this, you will want to wear a dress that is strapless, or in an off the shoulder style. You can also look for dresses with details on the neck, or with a deep V neck cut to accentuate your stunning shoulders.

You will want to avoid closed necklines and any detail below the bust and waist as this will draw attention away from your best features. In addition, always wear the hair up or off your face so that everyone can see your favorite body parts! 

Curvy With A Waist

If you are curvy, and you have a waist, then well done you, you have a beautiful hourglass figure! If you’ve got it, flaunt it, so make sure that you pick a dress that accentuates the waist and your figure.

Therefore, always define the waist, and go for draping fabrics around the curves to give you a wonderfully slim and curved silhouette. 

A wrap dress is best for a curvy figure, but you can also try a corseted style, or something that is figure hugging to only enhance the shape. If you feel a little too wide at the hips, then keep the skirt soft and flowing. 

Curvy Without A Waist

If your body shape is curvy, but you do not want to define the waist, then stick to A line dresses and skirts, and keep the top with a V-neck. This will draw attention to the neck and bust area rather than focusing on your midriff. With an A-line dress, you can also make your figure seem slimmer and narrower.

We also recommend that you wear something with an off-the-shoulder look as this can draw attention to the upper parts of the body and the face, instead of at your waist. You can also benefit from a dress that falls just below the knees to elongate your body. 

If you are conscious about your figure, then try to avoid anything highwaisted that would draw attention to this. You should also steer away from two-piece outfits, cropped jackets and any thick belts around the waist. You want to look for flowing, A-line dresses that look great on your body shape. 

Thick Midriff

Having a thicker torso does not mean that you cannot wear a beautiful dress. There is something for every body shape and size. For those with a thicker midriff, you want something that is slightly fitted at the top, but pulls out at the bottom to give you a slimmer appearance. 

You may also look great in a straight dress that pulls in the waistline by flaring out at the waist. This can make you look defined, whilst also covering a thicker midriff. Patterned dresses especially those with vertical stripes can really elongate the body and pull the eye downwards past your midriff, too. 

Large Arms

For those with larger arms, try a dress with sheer sleeves to disguise them. This will give an attractive detail to the dress, and make you feel more confident about your body! If you are not so confident about the arms, then simply wear sleeves, or three-quarter sleeves to cover the upper arms. 

If you cannot find a dress in the style you like, then you can pair the dress with a gorgeous jacket, wrap or cardigan. Whatever you do, do not opt for a dress with puff sleeves or patterned sleeves as this will only draw attention to the arms and make them seem larger than they are. 

Wide Hips

If you are wider at the hips than at your shoulders, then you will want to emphasize the shoulders to balance it out. Look for dresses with sharp shoulders or detailing in this area.

You can also choose dresses or skirts with A-line designs, as this can help minimize the size of the hips, gently falling over the hips rather than clinging tight to them and making them seem larger. 

You can also try a statement necklace or a plunging neckline, as this will draw the eye to the chest and upper part of the body rather than at the hips. 


If you are petite, then you can lengthen the body by dressing all in one color from head to toe. Not only does this look smart, but you can seem much more elongated. You will want to try dresses that are clean cut, lean and long, rather than cut off at the knee. 

Boyish Figure

Boyish figures go great with shift dresses. You can create your own curves with a belt, or opt for two pieces such as a skirt with a pulled in waist and a tight top and jacket to give some shape.

You can also do well with ruffled and frilly dresses as they will only add depth and detail to your body shape, whereas others who are larger would only draw attention to areas in those details. 

Great Legs

If you’re blessed with great legs, then show them! Go for a hem that falls just below the knee, and try floaty, airy fabrics that will move and swish as you walk to draw attention to the legs. 

Not Great Legs

If you don’t like your legs, then cover them! Opt for a long, flowing maxi dress that can elongate the body, and no one will be thinking about the legs!